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Spending a lot of time at home? There are ways to make it fun and productive despite being in the exact same surroundings every day. From online dance classes to virtual worlds, The Style Sheet rounds up ideas to help fight the restlessness and make the most of staying put.

1. Learn to cook something new 

Homemade stock is one of those kitchen staples that can be used as a base for a bounty of nutritious, delicious dishes. The only real investment is time, so now might just be the perfect moment to master it. You don’t need much, just a big pot and a few key ingredients. There’s a good chance you can use what is in your fridge, or, if not, head into GREAT Food Hall to grab what you need. Chicken wings or the husk of a whole chicken work well for a classic chicken broth recipe, or keep it plant-based with a root vegetable or stalk broth recipe. Once you’ve mastered your nourishing liquid base, there are weeks’ worth of recipes to try out. Top tip? Freeze your stock in small portions (ice cube trays are great, but only if the stock is concentrated enough) so it’s always at the ready.

2. Give yourself a spa-inspired facial 

While we all know self-care isn’t just about a pampering session, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to treat yourself to a facial every once in a while. While spas are closed, mimic the experience at home with a few of the right products. Start with cleansing, then apply acid exfoliation — a more potent method of removing dead skin that’s often used in professional facials. For home, The Ordinary’s AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution is a great beginner’s acid. Next, apply a moisturising, soothing face mask, such as La Mer’s The Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask, and finish with your favourite nourishing moisturiser, lip balm and eye cream.

3. Try a new virtual hangout

Getting bored of catching up with friends on Zoom? Switch up your online hangout with a different virtual world. Try Gather Town, which allows you to create themed virtual spaces using templates or from scratch (everything from castles to conference rooms), and choose from a range of avatars. When you get close to another person, you can seamlessly start video chatting, with the audio fading out again as you step away. Kumospace is another immersive group video chat tool built within a video game-esque setting. It allows you to build custom spaces from scratch or add personalised touches to pre-made templates, such as logos, music and furniture. It also uses spatial audio, so you’ll also be able to wander around and chat to people, including having chance run-ins, just like IRL.

4. Get moving with an online dance class

You might have tried out online exercise classes over the last couple of years in the pursuit of fitness, but what about some dance classes in the pursuit of pure fun? STEEZY is one of the most popular dance workout apps out there — and it’s been downloaded more than a million times for good reason. There’s a large variety of slick dance classes to choose from, including plenty that have set social media trends thanks to their entertaining, easy routines. obé Fitness is another virtual fitness platform offering plenty of live and on-demand studio-style classes. You’ll find fitness classes, but it’s their dance cardio workouts, led by energetic instructions in bright, 80s-inspired virtual spaces, where we think you’ll have the most fun.