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While graphic eyeliner typically comes alive in the fall, spring’s beauty mood has been pleasantly aflutter with fresh new takes on dramatic lids. Our favourite of the season was seen at Lanvin – who presented their Spring Summer 2018 collection along with an airy, avant-garde eye look that conveys the optical illusion of movement.

The approach was also one that threw perfection out the door – embracing the current shift towards ‘messy makeup’. And as anyone who’s ever fiddled with scissors, bobby pins, tweezers or tape during the process of creating a perfectly straight cat eye will know, the ushering in of an undone method of application is very welcome!

Here, taking a cue from makeup artist Karim Rahman’s Spring Summer 2018 Lanvin runway beauty look, we show you how to nail a surprisingly easy graphic eye in just three steps:

1. Use a clear eye gloss to coat the eyelids with a healthy, glossy sheen. No eye gloss? Classic top-shelf staple Vaseline will do a similar job.

2. Mix creamy black eyeshadow with a touch of black non-toxic paint to create a deep paste.

Using a firm shading brush, apply the mixture onto the flexible ribbed portion of a drinking straw (yes, you read that correctly).

3. Press the straw onto the outer corner of your eye, a couple of centimetres above the last line, in a tilted wing shape.

The result? Edgy designer eyes in minutes – no perfection necessary. We can practically hear the collective rejoicing.

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