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In a three-part series, The Style Sheet sits down with Hong Kong feng shui master Thierry Chow to gain some insight into a few areas of the ancient art she’s the most passionate about. In part one, Chow took us through how to create a relationship-enhancing environment. For part two? The feng shui expert gives us pointers for picking colour schemes for both our homes and our closets.

‘Colours can really affect a person’s mood and emotions – don’t underestimate what they can do for your overall wellness,’ begins Chow. ‘When it comes to feng shui, colour plays an important role. Every hue has a very different energy that can trigger physical reactions.’

According to Chow, it’s important to use colours wisely in our everyday spaces. ‘If there’s too much of a certain colour, the energy of a place can feel out of balance. At home, focus on soothing, light colours, such as pastel blue and pink, beige, yellow and egg white, and be careful not to use too many intense colours like bright red, bright purple and dark grey.’ For an office or workshop, Chow suggests using colours such as yellow and light green, which can help with concentration and productivity. ‘And whether it’s your home or the office, too much black or white is a big no.’

Chow suggests soothing, light colours for the home and colours like yellow and light green for workspaces

‘To improve your energy, there are also certain colours you should incorporate into your wardrobe depending on your birth month,’ explains Chow, referring to the personal feng shui birth element determined by when you were born. While the five elements theory – including wood, fire, earth, metal and water – can be complex, the basis relates to how these elements interact with each other on a practical level. For example, as wood creates fire, the fire feng shui element is nourished by wood, and fire destroys wood. Using this principle, Chow suggests embracing specific colour palettes to best complement, or counteract, the element that relates to you.

You can also improve your energy by paying attention to clothing colours, says Chow

Born in January, November or December: ‘The water element is most dominant, and you should lean towards wearing red, purple, pink and orange.’

Born in February, March or April: ‘Wood elements are at their most prevalent, meaning you should wear more blue and black.’

Born in May, June or July: ‘Fire elements are at their most powerful, so wear more white, blue and black.’

Born in August, September or October: ‘Metal elements are most dominant, so opt for clothing in shades of pink, orange and red.’