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Raphaël De Ry, owner of Hong Kong’s boutique zero-waste shop Edgar on Moon Street, knows more than a thing or two about making more sustainable choices when it comes to the everyday.

Along with joining Starstreet Precinct on a journey to rethink your unwanted plastics through the Save Your Plastics initiative, Raphaël shares five more simple ways to live a little greener in Hong Kong.

1. Switch to solids

‘A great way to reduce your use of plastics is to simply use products that go without. Specifically, solid-based products are a great way to leave no trace. A solid soap bar, a solid shampoo bar or solid toothpaste are all examples of options that are not just plastic-free, but use far fewer chemicals, making them better for you too. They also have a greater water and carbon footprint as they need less energy to be transported, and require less water during their use.’

2. Recycle smarter

‘It’s hard to know if the recyclables that we put in the street bins will be properly recycled. If the content is mixed with non-recyclables, such as soft plastics, the contents will be deemed contaminated and redirected to landfill. This makes it very difficult to recycle effectively. Hong Kong’s Environmental Projection Department, Greeners Action and Waste No Mall are all great organisations in Hong Kong and understand this problem, and can help you recycle smarter by offer education around how to properly recycle every plastic, as well as other recyclables such as glass, neon lights and metals.’

3. Revisit your laundry routine

‘Simple changes can have big impacts. Did you know that you can save more than fifth per cent on energy by washing your clothes at thirty degrees instead of forty degrees? The energy we spend can be saved everywhere. Air drying is definitely energy-free, but if you need to use a dryer, using Superbee Wool Dryer Balls can reduce your drying time by thirty per cent, saving energy and also reducing wrinkles. If you also go for the fabulous Tru Earth Eco Laundry Strips instead of liquid or powder detergents, your load will be truly eco-friendly.’

4. Always opt for reusables

‘Anything single-use is truly a waste — almost everything we use has a reusable option. We all know that bringing your own shopping bag makes a difference. Some may say they reuse their plastic bags dozens of times, but still, a reusable bag beats a plastic bag any day. The same thing goes for reusable bottles, coffee cups, lunch boxes, straws and face masks. It takes a bit of planning, but if you can also have a lot of fun trying to replace the single-use options.’

5. Let technology light the way

‘Switch to LED lights instead of incandescent or fluorescent lamps. Technology is a big ally when it comes to saving resources, and LED technology has big advantages over previous technologies. This clip is a great example of just how much more light LED can produce compared to incandescent or fluorescent lamps. The same benefits apply to electric cars but, of course, it also matters where this energy comes from. Renewables such as wind, solar and hydroelectric are much greener than any fossil fuel.’