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Apart from resolutions, the new year is the perfect time to pick up a brand-new hobby. In the past year, we’ve seen a myriad of new skills and interests rising in popularity, from wakesurfing and pottery to baking and painting. Apart from giving us some well-deserved me time, a new hobby also keeps you learning and having fun! If you’re looking for some new things to try in the new year, check out our list of Hong Kong hobbies to explore and discover.

Knitting as a new hobby for 2022

Needle and Thread


With the rise of slow fashion, a new hobby you can dive into is sewing. Start from something simple like a pouch or even altering your clothes, then slowly progress to trying your hands at making your own dress or shirt! You can easily find sewing patterns online, and plenty of tutorials too. A little too intimidated by the idea? Try cross-stitching instead - we love Stitch Sister’s beautiful and easy DIY kits.

Roller skating as a new hobby for 2022

Life on Wheels


From skateboarding and rollerblading to just riding around on a scooter, life is just a little bit more fun on wheels. Try your hands (or feet!) at roller skating at Bun’s 2020, the latest retro rink in town, or pick up a pair of wheels yourself and enjoy the fresh air at the parks.

Baking bread as a new hobby for 2022

Make and Break Bread


If you’ve already done the cakes and frosting, it’s time to up your game with some sourdough. The art of bread making can be tricky with Hong Kong’s weather, but it can also be an extremely rewarding skill to master. If you need some guidance, you can look to FoodCraft or The Mixing Bowl for regular classes.

Dragon boat as a new hobby for 2022

Play ball


At-home workouts may be all the rage, but if you are looking for new and fun ways to connect with people, join a new team sport! There’s an abundance of amateur teams for adults, ranging from dragon boat racing and netball to touch rugby, dodgeball and beyond.

Coding as a new hobby for 2022

Zeros and ones


NFT, blockchain, metaverse… Have these buzzwords flooded your feed too? Keep up with the latest in the virtual world through courses on ArtTech from HKUSpace. Another alternative is to learn the language of coding or UX/UI so you can build a smooth website or the next big app — Preface is a great place to start. You could discover a fun hobby or a brand-new career direction.

Growing vegetable as a new hobby for 2022
Image: @rooftop_republic

A touch of green


Many of us have become plant parents in the past year, but if you want to also add to your culinary experience, you can grow your own food plants at home. The easiest way is to start with indoor herbs or microgreens, but if you have a terrace or rooftop, you could even start your own urban farm. Check out Rooftop Republic for kits to start your home gardening journey!

Photography as a new hobby for 2022

Shoot your shot


Take some time offline and turn your focus to analogue cameras through film photography. Not only is it a great way to see our city from a new perspective, it’s also a fantastic chance to make some new memories and dive into a new community. SHOWA is a treasure trove of film cameras, or you could take a trip to the nostalgic Sham Shui Po and visit Sunrise Photo Co for some vintage equipment.


Good luck with whatever you turn your hand to, and most importantly, enjoy!