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A Beginner's Guide to Feng Shui with Thierry Chow

In our three-part series with Hong Kong feng shui practitioner Thierry Chow, The Style Sheet gains some insight into the ancient practice. (In case you missed it – in part one Chow took us through how to enhance love, and for part two we learnt how to optimise colour palettes for the home and wardrobe.) In our final instalment, we get an introductory class into energy-shifting scents and essential oils.

Invigorating scents, such as ginger and citrus, are perfect for your work space

‘Using essential oils at home or in the office can enhance your overall wellness,’ starts Chow. ‘The right essential oil can boost productivity, help you relax, and can improve overall physical and mental health.’

And what are Chow’s top energy-boosting scent suggestions?

1. At home… ‘Lavender, petitgrain, clary sage’

2. At the office… ‘Ginger, lemon and mandarin’

3. For love… ‘Rose and ylang-ylang’

4. For luck… ‘Sweet orange and petitgrain’

5. For money… ‘Tea tree and mandarin’

Left: Burning incense can help improve mindfulness / Right: Scented candles and essential oils can help improve your home’s qi

Essential oils aren’t the only method of shifting energy through scent. ‘Candles, incense, diffusers and air sprays can also help improve the flow of qi,’ shares Chow. Different vessels for scents can also enhance different part of your life. Looking to improve relationships or love? Chow suggests specifically opting for candles. Health and wellness? Pick a diffuser. For boosting mindfulness, Chow recommends incense. Since scents bring energy to their closest surroundings, she also suggests considering the placement of your scented items, and opting for the areas that best relate. Plus, during 2018, try placing scented items in the south-eastern area of a space, which Chow says can optimise their effectiveness.