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‘I originally came to the neighbourhood of Chai Wan because of the community,’ starts Shane Aspegren, Hong Kong-based musician, producer, artist, and founder of ONDO holistic sound. ‘The first space I had was a shared studio and, at that time, there was a lot happening around here, with several gallery spaces, neighbours hosting big dinners, and Chai Wan Mei — a small independent arts festival that coincided with Art Basel. A lot has changed over the past five or six years, but it’s still a great neighbourhood.’

Plants in sound artist Shane Aspegren’s space help bring the outdoors in. The artist also loves his book collection. ‘I always feel the need to keep things fairly tidy and organised, though I like to have piles of books around and available for reference or stimulation,’ he says

‘For the past year, I’ve been working out of two different spaces,’ says Shane. ‘I do nearly all of my physical work, such as sculpting and prints, in this space, and music production at my other space, which is a co-working artist studio. Here, it’s more of a cosy vibe and it’s where I read, write and research, as well as develop ONDO, the holistic sound work that’s become a main focus of my practice over the past few years. It’s a great space to host private sound meditation sessions for individuals or very small groups.’

Shane hones in on his holistic sound practice. The walls are decorated with accoutrements from his work

As for Shane’s favourite piece in his space? ‘My favourite object here is most likely a large meditation gong. I usually keep at least one of my large ones in this space, especially as under the current restrictions I’m not able to do the weekly group sound bath sessions elsewhere. In terms of an artwork, if I had to pick one, it might be a rug that I made with my friend and collaborator Adrian Wong, for the 2016 exhibition Cromniomancy. I’ve continued to make a few other editioned rugs since then, and I love the functionality and completely un-precious transformation that comes along with cat scratching over the years.’

Singing bowls and other instruments are scattered throughout the space. Shane also enjoys the company of his cats, whose scratching changes the character of his rugs