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Creative Spaces: A Lamma Oasis

Hong Kong-based Danish interior designer Cecilie Koch Larsen moved from the city’s centre to Lamma Island four years ago in search of a more harmonious lifestyle — one that was close to the sea and the outdoors.

Not only did she fall in love with a leafy, double-terrace home she now lives in with her husband and daughter, but with Lamma itself. ‘There’s a really big creative community in Lamma, and the island itself has so much spirit and so much to give,’ Cecilie tells The Style Sheet.

A verdant outdoor terrace provides a tranquil escape from the city

‘I wanted to create a “house of calm” so we have a peaceful environment to come home to. I find most of my inspiration in nature, and have a special love for understated aesthetics. I adore greenery, and can’t imagine a home without it. Most of our plants are edible, so I never worry about my daughter going outside exploring the garden!’

A mother- daughter moment in the tepee
Muted tones, natural colours and lush greenery feature throughout

When it comes to defining her design style, Cecilie gravitates towards understated aesthetics, tactile surfaces, muted colours, natural pieces, craft and unique detailing. ‘Combining old with new creates a sense of peace and calm, which I think we need when living in a busy world. I’m a big believer in simplicity and functionality, but I also have a special love for rare and unusual objects that may not have any other function than looking beautiful in a room.’

Left: Khaki bed sheets and matching shade of wall paint provide an earthy touch. Right: Cecilie’s jewellery box, a precious family heirloom

‘Sustainability is important to me. Most of the objects in this house are found objects, home-made or passed on to us from others within the community,’ says Cecilie. Her most precious object? ‘My jewellery box. My grandfather hand-crafted it for my grandmother when they’d just fallen in love, seventy years ago. It has my grandmother's original initials engraved and symbolises belief, hope and love. It’s made with such precision and detailed craftsmanship, which is rarely seen today and is a loving memory of my grandmother.’

Cecilie’s business card pays tribute to the shape of Lamma Island, surrounded by found objects from the sea