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Esther Sham is founder and chef behind Maison Es — the charming, contemporary French restaurant in Starstreet Precinct that serves up delicious fusion fare in an intimate setting. Unsurprisingly, Esther’s love for cooking, entertaining and chic interiors naturally extends to her Hong Kong home — a place where she often plays host to extended family.

Maison Es founder Esther Sham with her son Alfred and the family’s Shih Tzu, Xiao Fung

‘We chose to live in Tai Hang as we wanted to be close to my husband’s family,’ she says. ‘We have six units of family members in our apartment complex, and more family are living within a five-minute radius.’

The elegant home is of course a favourite place for family gatherings. ‘We have Christmas at our place every year. We love hosting festive season dinners for friends and family,’ says Esther, whose chef’s kitchen sees a lot of use during the festive season. ‘My record is nine at-home soirées in a row. And I do full-on Christmas decorations too!’

Left: The family dining table is overlooked by a calm still life painting and a chandelier that showcases fine metalwork. Right: Esther brings out her favourite silverware for the festive season. The chef enjoys entertaining at home as well as at her restaurant

Esther drew on modern classic design elements and an aesthetic inspired by New York’s Upper East Side to furnish the home. Her favourite pieces are paintings by the late Dutch-American abstract expressionist Luc Leestemaker. ‘He was a close friend, and I love that we could own some of his amazing work — the pieces truly light up our living space,’ she says.

Left: The foyer, featuring a Hunt Slonem painting above a vintage flea-market console, is Esther’s favourite room. Right: The living room includes a cosy nook perfect or reading or relaxing in the sun

As for Esther’s favourite room? ‘I think it has to be my foyer. From the flea-market console, Hunt Slonem painting, egg doorstopper and feathered broomstick to the customised silk rug, it feels like a treasure hunt!’

Esther's well-stocked bar area is where her extended family gathers for home soirées