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Your new winter wardrobe is calling — say hello to the season’s most wanted pieces, presented on a backdrop that leans into the love of screen time.

The humble clog continues to reign supreme in the luxury arena – keep it elevated with monochrome tones.

Outfit, Shoes LOEWE

Earrings Ferragamo

Bag Prada

From Christmas to Lunar New Year, a bold and brilliant red dress will see you through the festive season and then some.

All Balenciaga

What’s warm, pink, and fuzzy all over? A Sportmax suit that's perfect for soirées that deserve a statement entrance.

Outfit Sportmax

Shoes Louis Vuitton

Ladylike dressing meets The Jetsons — embrace it through prim fashion with a futuristic edge.


Dress, Hair Clips, Brooch Louis Vuitton

Gloves Gucci

Earring Hermès


Jacket, Skirt Prada

Boots Louis Vuitton

When the LBD meets the season’s sheer fabric trend, you have a match made in fashion heaven.

All Ferragamo

It wouldn’t be a winter wardrobe without flashes of leather and rich jewel-toned fabrics.


All Gucci


All Hermès

Say ‘look at me’ without speaking by way of winter florals and shades of mulled wine.


Top, Trousers Dior

Bag Hermès


Outfit Isabel Marant

Boots Dior

Photography Jim Chan

Art Direction & Production Tasha Ling & Jessica Chan

Styling Tasha Ling

Videography Dariuz Chan

Hair, Makeup & Nail Art Kit Li

Prop Styling Mossmoshi

Prop Styling Assistant Yoyo Tsoi

Lighting Assistants Chung & VG

Styling Assistant Chiaki Ng

Location Here Studio