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If you grew up in Hong Kong, there’s a very good chance you grew up with the iconic White Rabbit Creamy Candy. Sweet, milky and wrapped in edible rice paper, the treats of so many of our childhoods aren’t just a delicious snack to savour anytime of the year, but also a perfect Chinese New Year snack to welcome the Year of the Rabbit. In celebration of just that, The Style Sheet asks three Hong Kong foodies to share their favourite White Rabbit Creamy Candy memories with us.

‘White Rabbit Creamy Candies were definitely a treat growing up. I wasn't allowed much junk food, so I’d savour every last bit. I’d always try to peel off the edible rice paper intact and eat that first — there was no particular flavour to it, I think I just loved the way it dissolved on my tongue. But inevitably, most of the rice paper would be stuck to the candy, probably because of the humidity, and I remember the sensation of running my tongue over the jagged edges of the rice paper while I sucked on it slowly. I thought kids who just chomped down on them, crunching their way through the rice paper, were savage!’

— Janice Leung Hayes, Food Writer & Social Entrepreneur

‘When I was a kid, White Rabbit Creamy Candy was one of my favourites. It was chewy and creamy with a condensed milk flavour, which was well-received by us kids. The rabbit graphic on the packaging was iconic and adorable too. I still remember when my family had dinner together — we used to argue about whether the thin rice paper was edible. I didn’t like it, so I insisted it was not for eating, and I’d try my best to peel it off. My mum said it was edible, which is true, but as a kid, I just didn’t want to believe it!’

— Jayson Tang, Executive Chinese Chef, Man Ho Chinese Restaurant, JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong

‘Growing up, we didn’t have many candy choices, and buying candies was considered kind of a luxury. As my parents rarely bought us any, during Chinese New Year I’d use my red pocket money to buy White Rabbit Creamy Candy. I remember the first time I ever tasted that milky, chewy sweet was at the age of eight or nine. My grandmother had snuck some and she gave them to me and my siblings. Unwrapping my very first on, I found a thin layer of transparent rice paper wrapped around it. I was frustrated because I couldn’t remove it entirely, and almost gave up! My grandma saw us struggling, laughed and told us it was edible, and that it was a simple way to prevent the candy from melting. There are so many different candy choices these days, but to me, nothing beats this nostalgic milky delight.’

— Damien Chang, General Manager, Yè Shanghai

Come join us for a very special Chinese New Year celebration, with the city’s first White Rabbit Pop-up Store and the White Rabbit Creamy Candies Mini Game! See here for details.