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In recent years, daring eyeshadow hues have tended to take a back seat to bold lipstick shades, but recently the beauty world has seen a switch-up — a statement cult colour eyeshadow has crept up into the palettes of our favourite beauty brands. The most trending colour at hand? A striking shade of red — which also happens to be an aptly timed trend for the festive season.

To achieve the look, apply red eyeshadow onto your lower lashline and eyelid — start at the middle and gently work the colour in both directions and then upwards towards the crease, blending with a small flat blush with round edges. For an extra festive touch, add a little shimmer, either by embracing glitter-fused palettes (we love Bobbi Brown’s Infra-Red Eye Shadow Palette) or by dipping a cotton tip in eye gloss and loose glitter and applying to the outer edge of your eyelids. Last but not least? Start filling up your Christmas social calendar – this beauty look deserves to be seen.