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If you’re thinking of adopting a pet in Hong Kong, there are plenty of furry friends looking for a new home. With some people needing to leave the city and unable to take their pets with them, Hong Kong’s pet adoption organisations have had an influx of animals looking for new homes. And if you want to help in other ways without the commitment and responsibility of adopting, bear in mind that most of these animal organisations and shelters welcome animal fostering, volunteers and donations of any size.

Images: SPCA

1. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

Longstanding non-profit SPCA provides a wide spectrum of ways to show the city’s animals kindness, including rescuing and rehoming animals of all kinds, as well as providing low-cost desexing services, and veterinary care and surgery for animals in need. They also advocate for progress in the city’s animal welfare legislation.

2. Sai Kung Stray Friends

This non-profit organisation and shelter offers a much-needed meals-on-wheels programme, providing food and water to street dogs. Along with adoption services, it also works to vaccinate and neuter village dogs in the New Territories area, and provides medical care and rehabilitation to dogs in need.

3. Catherine’s Puppies

Also situated in Sai Kung, Catherine’s Puppies rescues dogs and puppies and gives them a loving home until they’re able to be placed in a new family. The shelter is open daily, and the organisation holds regular adoption days. Their social media accounts serve as a platform to help rehome lost or abandoned dogs around the city too.

4. Kirsten’s Zoo

A non-profit built on the notion that ‘There is the right person for every cat and dog. It's just a question of getting them together’, Kirsten’s Zoo rescues cats, dogs and a small number of other animals, which are neutered and given necessary medical care. The group regularly hosts adoption days.

5. Hong Kong Paws Foundation

Hong Kong Paws teams up with local animal shelters to have offer care and financial resources for cats and dogs in need of a new home, with a focus on mongrels and domestic short hairs. The organisation is a registered animal welfare society in Hong Kong.

Images: LAP

6. Lifelong Animal Protection Charity (LAP)

LAP is on a mission to give in-need pets of Hong Kong a good home. As well as fostering and rehoming an average of 50 animals, including cats, kittens, dogs and puppies, each month, the group’s team of volunteers work hard to spread the word on humane education efforts.

7. Paws United

This non-profit is committed to promoting responsible pet ownership and the humane treatment of animals. Run by volunteers, the group generates fundraising and sponsorship opportunities while providing a halfway house for homeless animals and running adoption days.

8. Lamma Animal Welfare Centre (LAWC)

LAWC is a volunteer-run charity that provides new homes for abandoned and abused dogs and cats within the Lamma community and beyond, as well as offering a platform for reconnecting any lost furry friends on the island with their family, and providing a platform for promoting low-cost neutering of stray animals.

9. Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR)

Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes unwanted and abandoned all kind of dogs from pedigrees to mixed breeds. They also run an education and training centre that helps enrich dog-human communication and understanding through a series of workshops and training classes.

10.  Animal Friends

While it’s not an adoption service, Animal Friends is a fantastic cause for those looking to donate. The charity focuses on the root cause of the overpopulation of stray animals in Hong Kong by offering free desexing surgeries for ‘semi-stray’ cats and dogs that live in industrial areas and villages in Hong Kong, and are often kept as a means of pest control.

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