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How to work fashion trends into your wardrobe

As the final piece of our 3-part wardrobe overhaul series (see Part 1 and Part 2), The Style Sheet shows you how to inject current trends into your wardrobe without looking like a fashion slave.

After clearing out your closet and building a tightly edited capsule collection of your wardrobe's hardest-working members, the final stage of your wardrobe overhaul injecting trend pieces is where the fun really begins. To discover which trends are predicted to be major players this year and learn how to best integrate them with your existing capsule wardrobe weve called in three Hong Kong-based fashion industry insiders for their expert opinion.

"Streetwear, activewear and athleisure have had a growing influence on fashion in recent years, and will continue to do so in 2018. Whether its the influence of brands like Balenciaga or Nike, women want to feel comfortable, empowered and mobile in whatever they wear, without sacrificing style. Thats why items like sneakers and tracksuits are being reworked into the fashion vernacular, with new colours, designs and collaborations. If youre looking to incorporate streetwear into your wardrobe, assess whether the silhouette and colour of the item aligns with what youd normally wear. For example, if you love a good pair of wide-legged pants, find a pair of dark oversized tracksuits. Ask yourself if the piece has versatility, and can be mixed with your existing wardrobe staples. If it does, youre more likely to incorporate trend pieces in a successful and authentic way. Finally, remember to only work with trends if they fit your personality trying to rock every fashion trend is like trying to be liked by everyone, it becomes inauthentic and tiring." Daniel Kong, Hong Kong and London-based fashion journalist and stylist

Tracksuits are being reworked into the fashion vernacular, with new colours, designs and collaborations

'Having fun, taking more risks and wearing the pieces that really make you feel great should be everybody’s style mantra for the year. I think (and hope!) we’re going to see a new confidence in womenswear for 2018. As far as trends, we’re already seeing a lot of one-shoulder tops, layering with sheer pieces, playing with unusual proportions and plenty of pastel hues, which I predict will continue to feature heavily during the year ahead. When it comes to how to wear these trends, remember to utilise the pieces in your capsule wardrobe, which should mix easily with key trend items. Also, think creatively about layering fashion pieces over and under your wardrobe essentials. For example, experiment with a touch of femininity by trying a pastel silk slip dress over your favourite pair of jeans or a sheer long sleeve top over your T-shirts. Be confident to mix it up this year.’ — Ihna Holtermann, personal stylist and shopper

Social influencer Caroline Daur (@carodaur) shows us how to play with unusual proportion and pastel hues

‘In 2018, we’re expecting feminine prints, creative asymmetric tailoring and streetwear-inspired items to be mainstays, trend-wise. As for how to wear these trends, try pairing feminine prints with classic jeans for a relaxed, wearable approach. The on-trend asymmetric skirt – perfect for adding creative flair to your wardrobe – works well with your basic simple white shirt or tee. Finally, when it comes to styling casual streetwear-inspired pieces, try pairing them with pumps from your capsule wardrobe for a polished look.’ — Innis Liu, Harvey Nichols General Merchandising Manager

Stylist Evangelie Smyrniotaki (@styleheroine) demonstrates how to pair feminine prints with classic jeans on the streets of Paris