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In need of some new taste inspiration? To help you switch it up, we’ve scoured the neighbourhood, asking some of the most beloved restaurants what they’re offering at the moment — and there’s plenty of newness!

From charcoal-grilled pigeon at Le Garçon Saigon to a ‘WTF’ Cheeseburger Pizza at The Pizza Project, find out what’s new at your favourite foodie haunts around the neighbourhood.

1. For Yum Cha… Dim Sum Library

This buzzy, beloved dim sum spot has just launched a new ‘Puff Series’, which presents an exciting set of new puffs that build on the original Wagyu Beef & Black Pepper Puff — a firm fan favourite since Dim Sum Library opened in 2017. Enjoy Lobster & Ginger, Mapo Tofu, Chicken with Sand Ginger, and Mixed Mushrooms, all in the restaurant’s signature delicate pastry. And there are plenty of other new dishes too, like Deep-fried Crab Wontons with Basil Sauce, Scallop & Beetroot Dumplings, and moreish Ginger Egg Tart.

2. For Pizza… The Pizza Project

For dinner only, beloved casual dining spot The Pizza Project gets creative with the new Cheeseburger Pizza, which is topped with juicy Angus beef patties, a generous layer of melted cheddar cheese, and a crunch and tangy kick through pickles and finely chopped white onions. A touch of house burger sauce and — of course — a crown of curly fries complement the mouthwatering creation. Come hungry, and come quickly — the Cheeseburger Pizza is only available until 30 September, and only after 5 p.m. daily. After that, well, we’re sure they’ll have something else in store as well as their classics…

3. For Mediterranean… Salisterra

Salisterra, The Upper House’s Mediterranean restaurant, is a sophisticated spot with some of the best views of the city. It’s also recently shaken things up with a new a la carte menu featuring a range of new dishes inspired by the coastal regions of France, Italy and Spain. Highlights include Vitello Tonnato, Poached Lobster, Bouillabaisse and bake-to-order madeleines with lavender cream. We already know we’ll be going back for seconds!

4. For Vietnamese… Le Garçon Saigon

This grillhouse has recently released a selection of flavour-packed, vibrant new dishes that remain true to its Saigonese roots — and the inimitable flavour of a wood-fired grill. Try the Charcoal-Grilled Flounder, a whole fish served on a bed of glass noodles, the Grilled Half Pigeon, the Banana Leaf-Grilled Barramundi and more. Alongside new dishes, the hangout has brought back its leisurely L’heure de Saigon, a daily affair from 5–7 p.m. where you can enjoy a happy hour with small bites while basking in the setting sun outside the brasserie-inspired dining room.

5. For Temaki… TMK Rap & Rolls

TMK Rap & Rolls is always new and fun things, like Temaki Tuesday (buy one get one free!), Free Free-flow Fridays and Big Ass Maki Weekend’s unlimited maki rolls with the brunch menu. Adding to the fresh rotation, there’s also a new menu introducing enticing snacks such as vibrant Gyoza, refreshing TMK Kimchi Salad, Korean Karaage, a Wagyu Sando, plus five new maki rolls including Salmon and Avocado, Chicken Ta-Da with curry-infused guacamole and Hamachi Tomako, a temaki and taco remix with jalapeno and chilli garlic sauce. Yuumm.