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Entering new café-florist Fleuria is an indulgent experience for the senses. Within a space that leans into deep green velvet, gilded touches and plenty of verdant foliage, you find an immediate spark of joy. And when you start looking at the items on display and on the menu, that’s quickly reinforced. From fresh flowers, scented candles and luxurious beauty gifts to French champagne, buttery caviar and freshly brewed coffee, this is a place to come not for the plain things of necessity but for moments of pleasure.

Equipped with cosy seating and a prime people-watching view, the space is also one that effortlessly aids connection and conversation. You could easily sit here for hours chatting and watching the world go by — which is exactly what Serene Cheng set out to achieve when she came up with the idea. ‘The whole concept came to my mind in 2020, when COVID had started,’ she says. ‘I was thinking to myself, “When the pandemic ends and everything is over, I want to create a place to reconnect with people”.’ And the simple but thoughtful doorless concept was part of that welcoming vision. ‘Sometimes in Hong Kong, when you enter a high-end luxury brand store, you feel intimidated. When you push the door, you feel like all the salespeople are watching you and following you, so there’s no door at Fleuria,’ says Serene.

It took three years for Serene’s idea to come to fruition in collaboration with business partner Celia Liu, who brings experience from the floral industry and who Serene credits as being the creative side of the operation. As for Serene, her wealth of experience stems from luxury brands and the food and beverage business. After honing her hospitality skills to the highest degree in Switzerland, she returned to Hong Kong and worked as Country Manager of CELINE, Vice President of Piaget and Managing Director of Boucheron. She fused this luxury brand background with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for food and beverage — along with being co-owner of Ebisoba Ichigen Hong Kong, she launched Yakiniku Ushio Hong Kong in 2022. This knowledge and passion for food translates beautifully into the curation of Fleuria’s offering, which includes a decadent selection of cakes and chocolates sourced from an array of local suppliers.

Serene’s history with Pacific Place is a rich one too. ‘When I was working at CELINE, I actually opened up this shop at Pacific Place. That’s one of the reasons I feel really close to the space.’ Serene is also a Pacific Place above Black member, receiving the highest tier of exclusive privileges, including unlimited access to the above Lounge, for which she’s quick to praise the service team. ‘Every time I go, I see familiar faces,’ she says. ‘They’re all so helpful, which makes me feel welcomed and like I’m at a second home.’ And if not snacking at Fleuria, she says, ‘It’s also a great place to go for a small bite. I like to go up there with my laptop, and you can just chill — it’s really nice. I’m a champagne lover, and they have very good champagne!’

Fleuria also creates the floral arrangements for the above Lounge, as well as for an array of private clients. Serene describes Fleuria’s flower style as ‘French contemporary’, thanks to their airy, organic composition. While the final result of the arrangements are luxurious, the price point is deliberately accessible, a concept that Serene says resonates deeply with her. ‘My DNA is affordable luxury,’ she says. ‘I think everything in Fleuria should be affordable, so you can live the moment, you can have a good time, and it doesn’t have to be super expensive. It’s an approach I’ve taken throughout all my food and beverage businesses as well. I just want everybody to enjoy a good time.’ In that case, mission accomplished — as well as the delicious treats, a good time is certainly on the menu.