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3 Showpiece Flower + Vase Pairings

Deciding on the perfect flower and vase pairing - whether in preparation for an approaching at-home soirée or for no occasion at all - is made easier with a fresh source of inspiration and a little expert know-how.


Here, The Style Sheet - with the help of Ellermann Flower Boutique & Event Atelier founder and florist, Diane Nittke - inspires you to spruce up your abode with three showpiece flower and vase combinations.


1. Ellermann floral arrangement featuring gloriosa + L'Objet Crocodile Vase

A spilling floral arrangement featuring gloriosa - the tropical bloom that Nittke fondly refers to as 'almost looking like it's dancing in the air', says Nittke - pairs with a luxurious gilded L'Objet Crocodile Vase, available at Lane Crawford. 'When working with vigorous flowers such as gloriosa, opt for a tall vase to ensure blooms and branches won't be confined,' shares Nittke. Too sizeable for a dining table or cluttered kitchen bench, this showpiece arrangement deserves its own space. 'Your home's entryway or a console table will work perfectly.'

Luxurious gloriosa pairs with L’Objet’s Crocodile Vase

2. Ellermann floral arrangement featuring tulips + Louise Roe Copenhagen Jewel Vase

A cheerful arrangement featuring mandarin tulips and mauve anthuriums pairs with Louise Roe Copenhagen's Jewel Vase, available at Lane Crawford. The anthurium flower symbolises hospitality and happiness, making this arrangement an apt choice for an at-home family dinner,' says Nittke.To allow conversation to flow easily, 'Take into consideration the eye level of your guests and opt for a short, wide vase when choosing an arrangement for your dining or coffee table.' 

Mandarin tulips and mauve anthuriums paired with a Louise Roe Copenhagen Jewel Vase

3. Ellermann floral arrangement featuring ranunculus + Ellermann Bell Jar

This is an unexpected arrangement of plump ranunculus and fresh carnations arranged within a gold-rimmed bell jar. 'We love using bell jars for floral still life displays - it gives a modern, unconventional touch to the home,' says Nittke. Ideal for perching nonchalantly on your kitchen bench or as a dinner table focal point. 'Try placing a set of two bell jar arrangements together to create layers of a tablescape,' offers Nittke. As for how to keep your arrangements looking fresh long after the party has ended? 'Leave the jar open occasionally, spray flowers every day and remove wilted blooms.'

An unexpected arrangement of plump ranunculus and fresh carnations arranged within a gold-rimmed bell jar