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While it’s true that confidence is the key to pulling off any haircut or accessory, there’s no harm in consulting your face shape for the most flattering style before updating your look. To help you put your best face forward, we break down the most flattering sunglasses and haircuts for every face shape.

Round face? Opt for angular frames and an asymmetrical haircut

If Your Face Is Round

A round face is widest across the cheeks, tapering slightly at the forehead and jawline.

Eyewear: Angular or square frames

Square frames – or anything angular – help balance out the roundness and add definition. Avoid anything circular, especially small frames, as they emphasise roundness.

Hairstyle: Asymmetrical

To make a round face look slimmer, an asymmetrical cut that has a mixed length of hair works best. Try a deep side-part and long side-swept bangs.

Square face? Go for soft, curved frames and long hair with a middle part

If Your Face Is Square

A square face has cheekbones, forehead and jawlines similar in width.

Eyewear: Soft, curved frames

Opt for frames with curved corners, such as round glasses and frameless styles. Avoid anything with boxy, angular borders as it will exaggerate your face shape.

Hairstyle: Long with a middle-part

Long, straight hair softens square angles, while a centre-part can help open up the middle of your face and draw attention to your hair’s end, and away from the jawline.

Heart-shaped face? Opt for wider-on-top frames and a bob that hits right below the jawline

If Your Face Is Heart-Shaped

A heart-shaped face is widest at the forehead and narrowest at the jawline.

Eyewear: Wider-on-top Frames

Opt for styles that mimic – rather than contrast – your face shape. Styles that are wider on the top and tapered at the bottom include wayfarers, cat-eye and aviators.

Hairstyle: Bouncy bob

For the most flattering cut, opt for a style that hits right below the jawline. This will help fill in space around your chin and de-emphasis the triangle shape.

Oval face? Oversized, circular frames – paired with a blunt fringe hairstyle – will look great on you

If Your Face Is Oval

An oval face is longer than it is wide, narrowing towards the jaw.

Eyewear: Round, oversized frames

Oval face shapes suit the most eyewear styles, but the most flattering of all are round beetle frames. While oversized is a good choice, don’t go too wide – keep the gap between the sides of your face to a minimum.

Hairstyle: Blunt fringe

Opt for a blunt fringe which will help shorten your face, and balance out the elongated shape by adding width. This helps to balance out the face.