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It’s World Chocolate Day on 7 July and — because any excuse will do to indulge our sweet tooth — The Style Sheet is planning a cheat day of monstrous proportions. Here, we share the cocoa-based treats from Pacific Place and the Starstreet Precinct that are topping our fantasy menu.

We’ll start with a S’mores Cake from Jouer that’s made with salted mascarpone cream, cracker crumbs and burnt mini marshmallows, followed by courses of artisan chocolates from Sweet World, doughy Homie Cookies from Elephant Grounds decadent truffles from Maison XXII and an inflated bun dough cake with meltingly soft almond and chocolate cream from Dalloyau. We’re also in the mood for cheerful, nostalgic treats like Toblerone bars and that magic crispy-frozen chocolate sauce we used to smother all over our ice cream as kids… And seeing as we’ve already taken it this far, why not wash it down with a hot cocoa filled with those unctuous chocolate pearls from La Maison du Chocolat?

Is anyone else salivating?

1 Jouer S'mores Cake

2 kAAKAO Original, not Plain! Organic Vegan Chocolate available at Sweet World

3 Homie Cookies Ricky James Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookie available at Elephant Grounds

4 La Maison Du Chocolat Tasse de Chocolat

5 MAISON XXII 16-Piece Truffle Box

6 Conspiracy Chocolate Nibby available at Sweet World

7 Dalloyau The Religieuse de Rêve

8 La Maison du Chocolat The Rocher's Gift Box

9 Smucker’s Magic Shell Chocolate available at Great Food Hall

10 Toblerone Milk Chocolate available at Great Food Hall

11 Fossa Chocolate Lychee Rose Dark Milk Chocolate available at Sweet World