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For this edition of The Style Sheet’s creative spaces series, we step inside the home of Ketty Shan, French-Tahitian interior designer and founder of boutique design studio Atelier Shan, which focuses on interior projects in Hong Kong and Tahiti.

Ketty takes us through how she converted the Chai Wan industrial loft she shares with her husband from a blank canvas into an expressive fusion of the couple’s personalities.

How would you describe your personal design style?

‘A mix of mid-century modern and shabby chic. But in reality, I put textures at the core of my designs and prioritise materials over style or shape.’

How would you describe your home?

‘I’ve let the raw space write its own story. The location, in an industrial building, immediately oriented the design towards an industrial design approach. My husband and I had existing pieces of mid-century modern furniture, complemented by a combination of old and new items. Full-length sheer curtains, natural fibre accessories and furniture as well as velvet upholstery were essential to bring softness and cosiness to the space.’

What were you hoping to achieve with the environment?

‘The idea was to have a hybrid home-office-social-events space. Flexibility and an open plan were at the heart of our concept, which allowed us to provide for events such as life drawing sessions, private parties and photo shoots. We added a large stainless steel kitchen island, which is great for hosting and expanding the open kitchen into the dining area.’

How do you separate work and home life?

‘Having such a large open plan, partially with double height, made the zoning very easy. My home office occupies one corner between the living and dining space. I’ve always felt comfortable working from home, and prefer to have a homey environment rather than a strictly office-like space. I migrate from my desk to my sofa to browse for ideas in books with a cup of tea.’

Could you point out a few highlight accents?

‘We’ve married traditional items with more modern ones, such as a set of vintage, hand-carved wooden doors and Noah & Grey’s Lily lantern, which for me is the perfect balance of nostalgia with a twist of technology. In terms of accessories, I enjoy a combination of ceramics and handmade glass, which is why I appreciate browsing in local pottery shops as well as Ellerman’s own vase collection.’

What makes you feel your most creative?

‘Not being in an enclosed and tight space! I need a sunny, bright and clean environment. Scent also comes into the picture, to the point I need a candle or two to set the environment to the right meditative creative mindset. On top of that, living in an eclectic city and neighbourhood is fundamental to being inspired every day.’