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Canadian-born, Hong Kong-based fine artist Peter Yuill creates complex geometric art, all done by hand using ink and paint on paper.

In celebration of World Art Day (an international celebration of the fine arts on April 15), The Style Sheet went to see Peter in his Chai Wan home-studio, which he shares with his wife Thierry Chow.

On our agenda? Observing a day in his life — which included finessing the final pieces for his current solo exhibition ALIGNMENT


‘I usually try to wake up between 7:30 and 8 a.m. I'm not very good in the mornings — it takes me at least two to three hours to get moving no matter what time I wake up, so the earlier I get started the better. I really like to take it slow in the morning, have a couple of cups of coffee and slowly wake up while catching up on world events from the night before.’


‘When I get my sense about me I usually have the same thing for breakfast every day: I like a small bowl of muesli with a Yakult yoghurt drink, and a glass of hot water with a spoonful of turmeric and half a lemon squeezed into it.  With all the hamburgers, pizza and beers I have, I like to at least try to have a healthy start to the day. I also listen to some relaxed upbeat music to get my blood flowing and get me moving around. I find I'm the type of artist that’s most productive when the sun is up, as opposed to those who work all night. I start working fairly early, but slowly, and ramp up later morning and early afternoon.’


‘I always eat lunch late, around 2 or 3 p.m, and eat it unceremoniously while working. And one of my almost-guaranteed afternoon activities is a nap. I'm a religious napper, but also very regimented. I always set an alarm for 20 minutes to ensure I never really fall asleep. It's mostly just to rest my eyes and reboot my system at that 3 p.m post-lunch wall, and follow it up with a cup of coffee, before getting back to my art.’


‘In the evenings I like to either venture out or just stay home and make a nice dinner with my wife, depending on the day. I'm a very polarised person — I’ll spend days straight not leaving the studio and then I need to be outside on the move for days in a row.’

Late Night

‘One of my favourite things to do at night is spend hours walking around, especially in Kowloon. I’ve always been in love with the electric chaos of Kowloon's busy streets. I love to lose myself in the side streets, back alleys and markets. It's where I go especially if I need to think through ideas, or try to solve a visual problem. It's actually quite meditative for me.’