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‘I used to look at this building all the time,’ muses Stanley Kwok on the Causeway Bay office building where he runs architecture and design studio Stanley KC. ‘It’s nothing fancy from the outside, but I knew the views from the inside would be amazing — it looks out the mountains and I love greenery, hence all the plants in the office. It was really hard to find a vacant space in the building, so when something finally became free on a level high enough to have views, I jumped at it — it was love at first sight.’

‘I knew the views from the inside would be amazing — it looks out the mountains and I love greenery’ says Stanley Kwok of the office where he runs design studio Stanley KC

‘I wanted everything in the space to be multifunctional. We spend a lot of time here, so we wanted to create a home-office atmosphere, using pieces that are very versatile. The pantry is in the meeting room, for example, and my desk is actually a dining table. I use half of it as my desk, and it’s become a meeting table with a mix and match of dining chairs and stools, as I don’t personally like the look of office chairs. If anyone needs me, they don’t need to go through my secretary — they can just pull up a seat. I wanted to keep things very open, and just keep everyone very close. I also want people to feel comfortable, whether they’re clients, guests or consultants.’

Left: Kwok sketching as his dining table-turned-desk. Right: Tile swatches

‘In terms of style, I’d say the office is eclectic but still very clean and modern. I’m a collector of furniture. I love to shop — I shop everywhere I go, and I carry a lot of things back from my travels. So I’ve end up with a lot of furniture, and I’ve ended up putting a lot of pieces in the office.’

Kwok heads out from his office with his monogrammed Goyard tote
Left: Tile swatches. Right: Fornasetti stool