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The Year of The Dragon is almost here, and we’re celebrating with vivid hues of pink, red, orange and yellow. In honour of these vibrant shades, The Style Sheet digs deeper into the colour psychology of each, discovering how the hues can affect our moods and well-being. And because the fresh leaf of a new lunar year is also the perfect opportunity for a home spruce-up, we share some ways you can incorporate the colours into your living space too.

The Meaning of Red

Along with being the symbolic colour of the Lunar New Year, bold and vivacious red pulsates with energy, passion, courage and a call to action. Always one to command attention and bring drama (of the best kind), the shade serves as an invigorating focal point when incorporated into the home.

The Meaning of Pink

Within the realm of colour psychology, pink’s stereotypical associations are love and romance, but the shade can also symbolise grace, compassion and nurturing qualities. Hues of pink possess the transformative power to soften any atmosphere, crafting a serene and inviting ambience.

The Meaning of Orange

Mirroring the radiant hues of a sunset, the warmth of orange celebrates enthusiasm, creativity and invigoration, and can help spark social interaction. When incorporated into contemporary design, orange accents can infuse spaces with a dynamic energy and a sense of optimism.

The Meaning of Yellow

Mimicking the luminous radiance of sunshine, yellow radiates positivity and joy. Symbolising happiness, clarity, positivity and fun, the hue infuses spaces with a bright and uplifting aura. Whether subtly incorporated or boldly dominating a space, it playfully pays an ode to the vivacity of life.

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