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Looking for ways to spread kindness and support this holiday season? In the spirit of generosity, discover some of the applause-worthy organisations working hard to help those who live in our city — and learn how you can help too.

And of course, while the holiday season is a great time to kickstart volunteer work or lending a helping hand, these Hong Kong charities and organisations welcome help any time of the year.


Foodlink Foundation

What they do: Foodlink Foundation collects safe-to-eat surplus food from F&B outlets all over Hong Kong, and delivers to them those in need.

How you can help: You can set up a fundraising event or page on Foodlink’s behalf, donate surplus food donations, or donate funds. (HK$2.50 is all that’s needed for a hot and nutritious meal.) Breadline, which works alongside Foodlink, also needs volunteers to collect leftover bread from bakeries around the city to redistribute every week.

Feeding HK

What they do: Feeding HK collects surplus food from manufacturers, growers, distributors and retailers, and shares it through 100+ charity programmes.

How you can help: From food parcel packing and delivery to being a bread runner, Feeding HK offers lots of volunteer work that helps get food to those who need it most. Food and funds are welcome too.

Food Angel

Food Angel

What they do: Food Angel collects edible surplus food from different sectors of the food industry, which is then used to create nutritious hot meals and redistributed to serve less-privileged communities.

How you can help: Food Angel welcomes volunteers to prepare and serve meals for the underprivileged. Food and fund donations are very welcome too.


Society for Community Organization

What they do: The group helps those struggling with money, poor living conditions and social discrimination, along with providing assistance to mentally ill patients, ethnic minorities, immigrant families and the homeless.

How you can help: Join the group’s child mentorship scheme as a mentor or teacher, donate funds to help them with their efforts and more.


What they do: LOVE 21 is a charity dedicated to bettering the lives of those living with Down syndrome and autism in Hong Kong through physical activity and nutrition programmes. 

How you can help: Along with donations, you can get involved by teaching your own weekly class for LOVE21’s beneficiaries or by supporting an already existing class.



What they do: ImpactHK is a non-profit that provides the homeless in Hong Kong with shelter, social lives, food, education and employment opportunities.

How you can help: Along with funds, offer a small donation to take part in one of the group’s kindness walks. A bedrock for the group, the walks offer a place to build trust and friendship with the homeless. There are many other ways you can help too, such as by offering employment.


KELY Support Group

KELY Support Group

What they do: KELY Support Group works to empower young people with the skills, knowledge and opportunities needed to support themselves and each other, along with promoting issues around mental health.

How you can help: Volunteer with programme planning, workshops and events, as well as consultancy and administrative work. You can also organise a fundraiser on their behalf, or help in a variety of other ways.

Changing Young Lives

What they do: Formerly a branch of Save The Children, this charity helps protect less-privileged and marginalised young people through education and empowerment programmes.

How you can help: You can register as a volunteer, offer a donation or even purchase a book with proceeds going to help their cause. 


What they do: Kids4Kids ignites the power of kids to help their peers, providing young people equal opportunities and developing a stronger connection with the community.

How you can help: Kids, teens, parents, schools and companies are all invited to help across roles from storytelling to project planning and events management.


Kirsten’s Zoo

Kirsten’s Zoo 

What they do: Kirsten’s Zoo rescues abandoned and neglected cats and dogs, pays for neutering as well as any necessary medical treatments, and connects the animals with fosterers before the animals get a permanent home. 

How you can help: Along with fostering or adopting rescued animals, you can volunteer at one of the regular adoption events around Hong Kong Island. Donations go a long way too.

Hong Kong Paws Foundation

What they do: HK Paws rescues stray, abandoned or abused animals, provides rehoming and delivers medical care. They also execute a Trap, Neuter and Release programme to minimise the spread of diseases and maintain a stable population. 

How you can help: Join as a volunteer to help with the group’s operations. You can also provide a foster home for rescued animals, adopt or donate.

Hong Kong Alley Cat Watch

What they do: Alley Cat Watch helps rescue stray cats, arrange foster care and ultimately adopt stray and abandoned cats on Hong Kong Island. 

How you can help: You can donate to help the group meet the costs of veterinary care, or foster or adopt.