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Our Chef Off-Duty series features kitchen masters sharing with The Style Sheet what’s cooking off the clock. In our second edition, Commissary’s Australian head chef Mick Bolam reveals where to find the best pork banh mi in the city – and why he’s all about the one-pot wonder.

If I’m home on my night off, you’ll usually find me eating…

‘Something unhealthy. And easy. Give me some great salumi, aged Comté and Époisse cheese, really good bread and date jam – and I’m a happy man. And a bottle of wine, of course!’

How I navigate cooking in small spaces…

‘Like so many people in Hong Kong, my kitchen is tiny, so I try and keep it organised, methodical and simple. I’m all about the “one-pot wonder”. Plus, if you’re cooking for one, you can eat straight out of the pot – less washing up!’

My dream five dinner party guests would be…

‘Irvine Welsh, Kevin Hart, Stephen Fry, Bruce Lee and Stephanie Alexander – The Cook’s Companion was published in 1996 and remains relevant today. She taught Australia “how to eat” and continues to do so. Moreover, if you’re ever searching for a reliable base recipe, be it a roast chicken, chocolate cake or hollandaise sauce, she’s your go-to.’

The five things you’ll always find in my fridge…

‘Hummus, anchovies, coconut water, Mount Zero olives and a bottle of wine – a heavy red in winter or a light white in summer.’