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Simple, urban, practical — O.N.S Clothing’s collection of modular garments (think cotton waffle shirts, sharp wool-blended blazers, and retro corduroy jackets) are exactly what modern men want to wear right now.

With original roots in Hong Kong and Macau, the now NYC-based brand has opened its first Hong Kong pop-up store in Starstreet Precinct in collaboration with Kapok.

Here, O.N.S Clothing founder and creative director Brian Chung sits down with The Style Sheet to talk urban excursions, beach barbecues, and what takes a menswear outfit from good to great.

O.N.S founder Brian Chung. Image courtesy of O.N.S

You’re inspired by global creative types you encounter on your travels. Are there any trends or styling cues you find particularly relevant or inspiring? Can you give us some specific examples?

I’m glad to see that relaxed styling is on the rise. A well-fitted product is important but that shouldn’t mean tight and restricting. Making well-fitted items that allow natural and confident movements is rather challenging, and brands really need to get their patterns right; each fabrication needs to be prepared correctly, and production consistency has to be diligently managed. From O.N.S, our Carlito shirt is my favourite style from FW19. Arpenteur is another brand that does this well.

Your Spring Summer 2020 collection is built around the concept of ‘urban excursion’. Tell us about the inspiration, and how this translates into the collection.

SS20 is the second chapter of our journey as urban transplants. After discovering the city via our FW19 ‘aerial utility’ campaign, we’re going on excursions to find a deeper understanding of our environment. Throughout the development of the collection, we continue to refine our fit to promote movement, while using fabrics with a dry touch to battle stickiness from daily activities during the hotter months.

Personally, what’s been your own favourite urban excursion?

I was in Seoul with my sister a few months ago — we spent a lot of time talking and walking, but most importantly, eating! This experience was very dear to me compared to my other inspiration trip. It was relaxing to figure out the way Seoul works with her. Taking the subway and walking around, discovering how neighbourhoods and districts develop in relation with each other. Late night taxi rides in Seoul are also very exhilarating… like Fast & Furious-exhilarating.

What are the key components to a great menswear outfit?

Well-fitted garments that allow the wearer natural movements throughout the day. This only takes some understanding of our own bodies (for example arm, torso and legs) and it translates to a radiating sense of ease and confidence. The best part is that it has nothing to do with price tags. All you need is a piece of string, a measuring tape and fifteen minutes of your time.

You grew up in Hong Kong and Macau before moving to New York. What do you miss about the cities here?

I fantasise about barbecuing in Hong Kong and Macau all the time when I’m away. From carrying the charcoal to the food itself, the individual skewers and the fire pits. We just don’t have that in NYC.

When you’re back in Hong Kong, what do you always make sure you do or visit?

Starstreet Precinct has been going through a resurgence of cool, which I’m very happy to see. It’s essentially the last frontier of cool walkable areas where you don’t fight your way through crowds of people. Nowadays, I could carve out a whole day just for the area. Starting from Pacific Place, I’d slowly work my way through the shops, towards KAPOK, and eventually Delstore.

And what does a perfect day in New York look like?

The most enjoyable days for me in NYC are the ones where I can hop on my bike, pin a spot on Google Maps and start pedalling.

What’s on your urban travel bucket list?

Mexico City

All O.N.S. Clothing Spring Summer 2020 campaign images are courtesy of the brand.

Photographer: Vincent Tullo

Stylist: Benjamin Russell

Model: Dylan Michael

Art Direction: Christopher Tuyay