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Luxurious, celebrity-loved convertible bag brand SENREVE is exactly what modern women want to carry now. Founded by Coral Chung and Wendy Wen, the brand is arriving at Pacific Place in the form of a highly anticipated pop-up store on 25 June.

Ahead of the space’s unveiling, we fire 20 questions at co-founder Coral.

1. Which is your favourite SENREVE bag and why?

‘My current obsession is the Aria Bag in Chestnut. I use it with the leather belt and gold chain. It’s so versatile and fits everything I need. I take it everywhere: to the groceries, cherry picking with my daughter, walking around the neighbourhood, bike rides and hikes — everywhere!’

2. What three things will we always find in your handbag?

‘Hand sanitiser, passport (prior to COVID-19, I travelled almost every week) and lots of pens!’

3. Your bags are favoured by a lot of top female executives. Which women in business do you most admire?
‘I admire women who have achieved significant success professionally, who have broken boundaries and have paved the way or others, who are amazing mothers (because that is a very, very hard job). Most importantly, I admire women who are supportive of other women. I’m very fortunate to count women like Marissa Mayer (former CEO of Yahoo), Toni Ko (founder of NYX, which was acquired by L’Oreal) and Katherine DeWilde (co-founder of First Republic Bank) as mentors and friends. They’ve been a tremendous source of strength for me, especially in the early days of SENREVE.’

4. So why are SENREVE bags are so popular among female executives?

‘First of all, the quality and aesthetics of the bags speak to them. They understand luxury and understand the look, touch and feel of a product that’s been handcrafted by master artisans in Italy. Second, they love the versatility of the bag, and that every detail and feature is well-designed and thought through. Finally, our brand values are aligned with their values — we focus on empowering women to not have to compromise between their love of luxury and their practical everyday lives.’

5. What’s the best part about running your own fashion company?

‘It’s the most rewarding and fulfilling experience to bring your vision to life in a tangible way. I pinch myself all the time when I think that a few years ago, SENREVE was just an idea in my head and a short while later tens of thousands of women wear our bags every day.’

6. What’s the hardest part?

‘There are many challenges, ranging from securing our manufacturing partner to raising capital to building a team. I think the hardest part is grappling with the weight of uncertainty on a daily basis, with COVID-19 as a primary example: last year at this time, I had no way to predict a global pandemic coming and impacting everything that we do.’

7. We love your new vegan leather handbags. Where do you see the future of sustainability and fashion heading?

‘Traditional fashion is a big polluter, so for newer brands like ours, I believe we have a huge opportunity and responsibility to do good. We have always thought about sustainability every step of the way from product to processes. In addition to vegan products, we formally launched our “Sense for Good” initiative a few months ago, and were selected by Farfetch as a “Positively Conscious” brand that passed their rigorous sustainability audit.’

8. You mentioned that inspirational women are part of the SENREVE story. Who is inspiring you currently?

‘Aesthetically, we’re inspired by timeless elegance like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Currently, I’m most inspired by Lady Gaga, who is not only incredibly talented, but also organised the One World at Home concert to lift everyone’s spirits. She also loves our bags, and recently shared our slogan “Don’t be a rockstar, be a legend” with her social media followers!’

9. On that, what role has social media played in launching your brand?

‘Social media has been critical for brand awareness, organic marketing and global expansion. It’s really enabled us to be primarily direct-to-consumer, and is a core part of our business model.’

10. Who are you three favourite accounts to follow on Instagram?

‘I love Blair Eadie for all fashion inspiration — she’s so creative, and her images always pop and brighten my day. I also follow Grace Chan, who is beautiful and has a lovely family. She’s a SENREVE brand ambassador, and always has positive messages on Instagram. Sebastian Gunawan designed my Met Gala dress last year, and I love his dreamy and intricate gowns.’

11. What are the most used apps on your phone?

‘I use Slack a lot. It’s hugely important to constantly communicate with our teams spread out around the world. I also use Instagram, and Calm for meditation at least once a day!’

12. What does self-care mean to you?

‘Getting sleep! It’s challenging to squeeze everything in from SENREVE to spending time with my daughter, so I often sacrifice sleep. It’s a huge luxury to get eight hours, so I aim for doing that at least one to two times per week. I’ve also experimented with baking recently, which is quite fun and meditative.’

13. If you could tell your 16-year old selves anything, what would it be?

‘Don’t stress out too much about academics — it doesn’t define your life. Do try a lot of different things, so that you’re constantly getting more information to identify your true passions.’

14. What made you decide to launch a pop-up store at Pacific Place?

‘When I lived in Hong Kong around ten years ago, I loved Pacific Place — it’s iconic. It’s an elevated space that matches the SENREVE brand aesthetic. It’s also where many of our current customers in Hong Kong work, so it’s very convenient.’

15. What should we make sure to check out inside the SENREVE Pacific Place pop-up store?

‘We’ll have many special creations for this pop-up, including exclusive products like our Alunna bags, which are launching in Hong Kong first. We’ll also have fun and interesting events like tarot card reading, calligraphy customisation, special gifts and more.’

16. What's the biggest difference between SENREVE customers in Hong Kong and the States? 

‘SENREVE always had a global mindset — in fact, my time living in Hong Kong greatly influenced my fashion sensibilities. Women in Hong Kong are absolutely the epitome of SENREVE women. They’re ambitious, savvy and elegant, but also willing to take risks when it comes to fashion, which I love. We actually made the original Midi Maestra because so many women in Hong Kong wanted a smaller version of the Maestra that still fits an iPad and small laptop. The Aria and Coda belt bags are also particularly popular in Hong Kong.’

17. What stores are you most excited to be in the company of at Pacific Place?

‘Definitely all the luxury classics like Chanel, Dior, Fendi, but also nice restaurants like Nicholini’s. I’m a big foodie!’

18. Let’s talk beauty for a second, because you and Wendy have incredible skin. What’s your number one skincare tip?

‘Hydration is critical. Beauty is really inside out, so sleep and hydration make such a huge difference. I love sheet masks, and have also been using jade rollers recently.’

19. What does ‘having it all’ mean to you?

‘Having freedom to pursue my dreams. It’s really hard to have it all, especially all at the same time, so for me it’s all about looking back at my life and feeling a sense of accomplishment, positive impact and contentment.’

20. Where do you see SENREVE in five years?

‘I’d love for SENREVE to become a household name — a truly iconic global brand.’