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Looking to switch up your go-to foot massage or classic facial with something a little different this summer? Coupling progressive technology with holistic and restorative practices, The Style Sheet rounds up some of the top emerging wellness trends and beauty trends to try out now.

1. Far-Infrared Saunas

Embrace the healing power of far-infrared saunas. Working by heating your body directly, rather than heating the air around your body, the sauna type is designed to be much better for your skin and body than normal saunas. The gentle heat, which keeps the sauna temperature lower, is said to soothe muscles, detoxify pores, remove toxins, stimulate your metabolism and offer cardiovascular benefits for improved overall well-being. YUN WELLNESS — the new Island Shangri-La concept that features a carefully curated collection of holistic wellness treatments — is the only hotel in the city to offer a state-of-the-art far infrared sauna.

2. At-Home Light Therapy

Many dermatologists are of the belief that the future of radiance lies in LED light therapy. While high-end fancy light machines have been found in salons for some time, the treatment is becoming more and more accessible at home, with compact and niche variations of the LED light devices hitting the market. These high-tech marvels emit therapeutic light wavelengths that penetrate into different layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production, reducing inflammation and banishing blemishes, as well as stimulating hair growth — some even brighten teeth. At JOYCE Beauty, you’ll find an array of LED beauty devices from CurrentBody, a leader in home-use electrical health and beauty innovations.

3. VR Meditation

It’s time to say namaste in the metaverse! The ancient practice of meditation gets a high-tech update through VR apps, which lets you disconnect from the chaos of reality. Two of the best meditation VR apps are TRIPP, which works with neuroscience and medical advisors on its products, and Maloka, which offers users a virtual spirit guide as well as renowned practitioners to steer you through the practice. For those don’t need any help mastering meditation, opt for Nature Treks VR, which more simply surrounds you with nature scenes (with a breathing guide) and gives you the ability to create your own world.

4. Radiofrequency Skincare

The newest name on the lips of dermatologists around the globe is the EXILIS ULTRA 360, the revolutionary body-contouring treatment that harnesses the power of an advanced monopolar-radio frequency technology to offer non-invasive treatments. It helps improve different skin conditions such as wrinkles, skin laxity and excessive fat on both the face and body, and is suitable for all BMI or skin types. You’ll also find this at YUN WELLNESS at the Island Shangri-La, again the only hotel in Hong Kong to offer the device, which it incorporates into a number of anti-ageing treatments such as the signature Regenerating Body Treatment and the Body Contour Treatment. (A tip for those in search of skincare saviours: YUN WELLNESS is also home to a bevy of take-home remedies, including Switzerland’s acclaimed Dr. Burgener medi-spa line, available for the first time in Asia, and clean, green beauty brand Tata Harper.)