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Travelling is something most of us love to do – but the logistics can get tricky. To help make the task at hand slightly more manageable, The Style Sheet asked a handful of well-travelled Hongkongers for their top travel tips, from preparation to packing to how they approach the experience.

We’ll be taking notes.

‘When I travel I try to step out of my comfort zone, so I can be open to amazing experiences I’ve never had before. I use Instagram as a tool to determine places I want to see and things I want to do. I’m notorious for saving friends’ photos of bucket-list places I haven’t been to yet.’ - Vivienne Tang, founder of wellness & travel magazine Destination Deluxe
‘I always roll all my clothes and stack them together like sushi rolls. This keeps them relatively crease-free and saves so much space! I also always travel with a jacket, scarf or something that will keep me warm – even if I don’t think I’ll need it, I always take one, because you never know.’ – Alexa Bui, makeup artist
‘Consult friends, articles and books to research your destination and compile a list of places you want to see. Enter all of them into a Google map before you arrive. This is especially useful for cities like New York so you can go to a certain district and find all your top spots easily. I also use LUXE guides as they fit into the smallest of handbags. When I’m travelling my laptop and workout gear always go in my carry-on. Once I can work and work out I’m happy!’ – Dervla Louli, yoga teacher and founder of wellness travel portal Compare Retreats
‘Don't pack your travel itinerary, so you have room for an unexpected adventure (or recovery from jet lag). I started enjoying trips more when I approach them with the attitude that I'll be able to return and it's not necessary to run around trying to see everything. I also always pack a foldable bag for those unintended but irresistible buys (like watermelon radishes from the farmer’s market)!” – Mina Park, founder of Sook and co-founder of HAWKR
‘I travel so much that basically all my toiletries and cosmetics are already packed. Zip-up freezer bags from the supermarket work well for liquids – I’ve had accidental spills in my suitcase before with perfume and shampoo, so I just keep all of those in a bag so I can just zip and go. I also have a cloth laundry bag I take with me on each trip to keep clean and dirty clothes separated. The flight is my downtime, but I still want to make the most of it. I take magazines and books with me in carry-on luggage too, just in case there are no movies I want to watch.' – Suzy Annetta, co-founder & editor-in-chief of Design Anthology magazine