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What’s the one forever fashion piece in your wardrobe that holds so much joy or sentimental value that you’ll never part ways with it? It’s a question we posed to two of Hong Kong’s top stylists, Chloe Mak and Veronica Li.

Chloe’s Transparent Pants

‘I love transparent pieces and have collected a serious amount of PVC clothing, such as plastic sleeves, jackets and coats, in the last two to three years. My favourite item is a custom-made pair of transparent pants I made for a fashion campaign shoot a few years ago. It’s fun to create unique items for styling and, even when I’m working with a low budget, I try and do that where I can. Hard work always pays off, and these pants remind me of that.’

Chloe Mak adores her custom-made PVC pants

Veronica’s Pearl Brooch

‘I’ll never let go of my Chanel pearl brooch as it’s functional, chic and has a great story behind it. It was a present from my husband — a symbolic gift to remind me to embrace my modern elegance from within. It was also the first item that motivated me to think outside the box when it came to accessorising. Brooches are really versatile and can be styled on a hat, jacket, simple bag, belt or scarf, or even combined with other brooches to create something unique.’

Veronica Li is never letting go of her Chanel pearl brooch