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Along with an abundance of family-friendly happenings like performances and workshops, and joyful shopping rewards, you’ll also find a group of furry friends (of all sizes!) that make up our Christmas on Parade crew at Pacific Place.

In preparation for spotting them on your next visit, read on to discover more about all the quirky characters that make up this festive squad.


The parade’s Master of Ceremonies, you might say Polar is the leader of the crew. He’s never without his mic, and he adores the attention — which is perfect, as he gets plenty of it from crowds thanks to his booming voice and larger-than-life presence. You might notice some sharp teeth and claws up close, but don’t worry, he’s a total softie at heart.

Animal: Polar Bear

Hometown: St. Lawrence Island, Alaska

Favourite Snack: Fish burger

Go-to Karaoke Song: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Asking Santa for: Polar Fleece Jacket

Party Trick: Can hold his breath under water for more than three minutes


Horatio is a European wild rabbit and the conductor of the parade. He’s a stickler for order and being on time. In fact, even his name means “timekeeper” in ancient Latin. All the reindeer are just a tiny bit scared of him, which is just the way he likes it!

Animal: Rabbit

Hometown: The Sabine Hills, Italy

Favourite Snack: Green grass and herbs, eaten at midnight

Go-To Karaoke Song: Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Asking Santa for: An Apple Watch

Party Trick: Planning them, down to every detail!


The chief guider of Santa’s sleigh, Rudolph might be the star of the reindeer clan, but he’s no diva. In fact, he doesn’t even seem to notice just how loved he is! He’s just so happy that since he’s found a good use for his glowing nose, his brothers don’t laugh at him anymore and they let him join in their reindeer games.

Animal: Reindeer

Hometown: The North Pole

Favourite Snack: Baby carrots

Go-to Karaoke Song: Silent Night

Asking Santa for: A Christmas bingo game

Party Trick: Using his nose like a disco light


Comet is a bit of a gadget geek — he’s always tinkering around with fairy lights and baubles, and adding new innovations to them such as them turning them on with a clap of his hooves. He’s also a bit of a space cadet — the other reindeers tease him about being living on another planet at times! But maybe they’re a bit jealous of his genius.

Animal: Reindeer

Hometown: The North Pole

Favourite Snack: Lingonberry jam

Go-to Karaoke Song: Christmas Lights by Coldplay

Asking Santa for: Smart LED tree lights

Party Trick: Can find any food under snow in a heartbeat


A middle child in Santa’s reindeer clan, Vixen tends to act out to get attention. One of the ways he ensures all eyes (and ears!) are on him? A saxophone! He’ll often start doing a solo session in the middle of the parade without it being approved ahead of time, which makes Horatio very angry indeed!

Animal: Reindeer

Hometown: The North Pole

Favourite Snack: Mushrooms on moss

Go-to Karaoke Song: The Christmas Song (Saxophone Cover) by Nat King Cole

Asking Santa for: An amplifier


The second-youngest in the reindeer clan after Rudolph, Blitzen has always had to fight to be heard — which might be way he took up drumming before he even grew his antlers! Practice really does make perfect, because he’ll blow you away with his impeccable rhythm.

Animal: Reindeer

Hometown: The North Pole

Favourite Snack: Shrub and fungi salad

Go-to Karaoke Song: Little Drummer Boy

Asking Santa for: A new crash cymbal!

Party Trick: Playing with multiple sticks, of course!


Dancer is the king of the dance floor. There’s nothing he loves more than rocking around the Christmas tree, and he’s got the stamina to do just that all night long. If he’s not moving his feet, you’ll find him behind the DJ booth, where he’s remixing Christmas tunes and dropping the bass.

Animal: Reindeer

Hometown: The North Pole

Favourite Snack: Seaweed salad

Go-To Karaoke Song: Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Asking Santa for: New decks

Party Trick: Spinning on one foot


Dasher is the social butterfly of the reindeer clan. You’ll find him dashing (pun intended) from party to party, jingling and mingling with everyone — even getting a laugh out of the biggest Christmas scrooges and grinches around! Light on his feet, he’s also fantastic at dancing — just don’t tell Dancer, he’ll be jealous!

Animal: Reindeer

Hometown: The North Pole

Favourite Snack: Leafy greens with a sprinkling of reindeer moss

Go-To Karaoke Song: Jingle Around the Clock

Asking Santa for: A magnum of champagne

Party Trick: Can do a Rubik’s cube in under ten seconds

We hope you have fun meeting the team for yourself! And sorry we have to go — Horatio is looking for us! But you can check out all the wonderful Christmas happenings at Pacific Place here.