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While a delicate and delectable mooncake gift box or gourmet tea is always a winner at Mid-Autumn Festival, for those looking for something a little less traditional, consider delighting your host with something equally parts luxurious and quirky – say some tortoise salt and pepper shakers topped with 24k gold shells or a set of ping-pong paddles covered in one of the world’s most iconic luxury motifs.

Whether you take a classic or nonconformist route to gifting, our curation of Harvest Festival hostess offerings guarantee you’ll always be invited back. You’re welcome.

1 Sugarfina 8-Piece Vice Collection Bento Box available at Lane Crawford Home

2 Louis Vuitton James Ping Pong Set

3 ODD ONE OUT Melody Rose Dragonfly and Gold Teapot

4 C’est La B Mooncake Gift Box

5 Shanghai Tang Puyi and Empress Mini Appetizer Plates

6 Ellermann Fire Frenzy Bouquet, Ellermann

7 Fortnum & Mason Rose Pouchong Loose Leaf Tea available at Lane Crawford Home

8 Le Labo Figue 15 Candle

9 Dalloyau Reunion Paris Moon Gift Box

10 Jo Malone Golden Needle Tea fragrance

11 Range of Féret Parfumeur products available at Joyce Beauty

12 Shang Xia Tea Charm Cake and Tea Cup Gift Box available at Lane Crawford Home

13 Jonathan Adler Tortoise Salt and Pepper Shakers available at Lane Crawford Home