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In this edition of The Style Sheet’s 20 questions series, we sit down with Kika Prette, Creative Director at APM Monaco.

A leader in fashion jewellery, the label’s roots date back to the city-state of Monaco in 1982, when the brand was founded by mother and son duo Ariane and Philippe Prette. Today, Philippe serves as CEO with partner Kika Prette taking the role as Creative Director. Kika’s knack for harmoniously marrying time-honoured craftsmanship with a sophisticated yet playful aesthetic has become a defining characteristic of the label.

Here, we ask Kika about her enviable job, personal style rules, and how she embraces the laid-back, glamorous lifestyle in the Côte d’Azur.

1. What three words best describe APM Monaco?

Chic, fashion and fun are the three pillars of APM, and they best describe the brand and our collections.

2. How would you sum up your role as Chief Creative Officer?

My role is to research, create and design the collections for the brand as well as build an overall brand image that stays true to the brand and to our roots in Monaco.

3. You grew up in Monaco, and have strong ties to the region. How would you describe the lifestyle?

Life in Monaco is a combination of a relaxed lifestyle together with glamorous events and beautiful parties.

4. If we visit Monaco, where should we shop?

Head to Metropole Shopping in the beautiful and historic quarter of Monte-Carlo, which is the heart of Monaco — we have a boutique there, you should visit us!

5. What are your dining picks in Monaco?

Cipriani is on my top list, as well as Cantinetta Antinori or the terrace at COYA in the summer.

6. What do you think are the most essential pieces in a hard-working jewellery collection?

Difficult question! I like to play with different pieces and styles, but for sure a must-have essential is a statement big drop earring for an evening look, also a statement chunky chain necklace with our yummy pendant for the cool, relaxed jeans look, and the malachite necklace for every day — one of my favourites.

7. Which APM Monaco piece do you think is always well received?

The Meteorite collection has been our signature collection since the beginning — it’s timeless, elegant and easy to wear. It’s also my first choice when it comes to gifting.

8. What achievement are you most proud of from your time at APM Monaco?

As a designer, seeing our customers wearing and enjoying our pieces is always the best reward.

9. What’s your typical daily style uniform?

It depends on my mood, but I keep it quite casual as I’m on the go in the morning. Typically it’s leggings with an oversized blazer and chunky chain necklaces when I go to yoga in the morning, or a long silky skirt with a sweatshirt and drop earrings. I’m a big fan of comfortable looks with a sparkly addition!

10. Do you have any muses?

Jane Birkin for her cool and relaxed chic appeal, Iris Apfel for her eclectic and colourful look, and Brigitte Bardot for her Frenchie glamour.

11. What do you think is the most underrated jewellery piece?

Pearls — they can go from very chic to cool.

12. Apart from France and Monaco, what country or city is your favourite to visit for inspiration?

Travelling is for sure a source of inspiration! Recently we went on a safari in Africa with the family — I loved it, so inspiring. I visited some Masai villages and it was so exciting to see their ornaments, as they’ve been on my moodboard for some time.

13. What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

The sky is the limit — that’s my motto! Do your best, love what you do and never stop dreaming!

14. What helps you design?

Music is really important for me — I can’t work, create or design without it. Music is always playing in my office.

15. What music is on your playlist at the moment?

We actually create monthly playlists to match the collections trend and campaign shooting for stores  — they're available on Spotify APM.MC.

16.  If you could invite three fashion legends to a dinner party, who would they be?

Coco Chanel definitely. She was so ahead of her time, modern and always impeccably chic. Phoebe Philo has also been a great inspiration — I loved her minimal, chic, modern and empowering style at Céline. And Valentino — an icon when it comes to feminine glamour, draping, and shapes. So timeless!

17. Where do you find inspiration, and what’s inspiring you the most right now?

My inspirations are numerous. Obviously fashion, and also the south of France — the sun, the sea and discovering new places while travelling are real sources of inspiration for me.

18. When it comes to getting dressed, what’s your number one styling rule?

Proportions for sure. For example, with a big oversized jacket or sweater, I keep the bottom skinny. Or if you go for baggy or cargo pants, a tight top or tailored jacket would look better. Of course, accessories with some sparkle will pull together any style.

19. Which APM Monaco pieces do you wear the most? 

Given my work, I change my jewellery a lot. I can't wait to receive each new piece. I design to discover them, touch them and wear them.

20. What jewellery trends is APM Monaco focusing on this season?

For Fall, I worked on timeless pieces but made them colourful at the same time to give a fashion-focused touch. There are also pearls and mother-of-pearl in the collection. I’ll let you discover all this — it’s just out in store!