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The spacious Mid-Levels abode of interior decorator and personal stylist Lucia Tait Tolani shares with her husband and son is a maximalist feast formed by pieces sourced from – quite literally – all over the world: a pair of 1970s mirrored rattan palm-tree folding screens by Italian Vivai del Sud sourced from Florida, vintage pichvai textile artwork from Udaipur, Madagascan crystal lamp bases from the flea market in Paris and beaded armchairs from the Niger-Congo Yoruba tribal group are just a few.

Interior designer and personal stylist Lucia Tait Tolani in the living room of her Mid-Levels abode

Along with planning several private shopping events for fashion brands, Lucia spends her time working with interior design clients, focusing on updating soft furnishings, wall treatments and lighting designs, as well as sourcing or custom-manufacturing furniture and objects for residential spaces. ‘My perspective comes from a fashion background, so I love colour, drama and experimentation, within a cohesive and functional application.’

Left: 1970s mirrored bamboo rattan palm tree folding screens by Vivai del Sud. Right: A stocked bar cart with interior accents including a Tom Dixon Stone Tall Candle Holder

Asked for interior styling advice she always offers clients, Lucia is definitive. ‘Ditch the television! I binge watch just as much as the next person, but I really don't like when a television is the first thing someone sees when they enter a home. I try to make all electronics as unobtrusive as possible, by placement or camouflage. I think this will become less of an issue as technology becomes more seamlessly integrated into homes, with items like Samsung's The Frame TV or projector sets.’

Lucia in her work space, which features an Anglepoise x Margaret Howell Special Edition Type 75 Desk Lamp and a Sequin Shimmer floral arrangement from Ellermann
The bedroom features a Zulu hat picked up on honeymoon in South Africa, and Madagascan crystal lamp bases from Paris flea markets