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As children, cramming our mouths full of chocolate Easter eggs was a no brainer. As adults – living in a world filled with juice cleanses, sugar bans and self-diagnosed lactose intolerances – our relationship with the arrival of the holiday’s confectionery onslaught has gotten a little more complicated. The thought of indulging in something so ‘bad’ – but also, just so damn good – tends to cause an outbreak of mild panic and guilt among us.

To help you feel better about gorging on that garishly foiled chocolate Easter bunny (because you’re probably going to do it – and so you should) we’ve come up with five reasons not to feel guilty about eating chocolate this Easter.

Let’s tuck in, shall we?

1. It’s good for your health

Cocoa contains a compound that has the ability to stop cancer cells from spreading. It also contains a group of antioxidants called flavonoids which preserve cognitive abilities, lowering the risk of strokes and Alzheimer’s disease. Keep in mind, the higher the cocoa mass, the better for the chocolate is for you (85% or higher, ideally, which also means less added sugar).

2. If it’s forbidden, you’re more likely to eat more

We always want what we can’t have, making ‘banned’ foods the most tempting. A study showed that participants who were asked not to eat chocolate craved it more – and consumed more calories – than those who weren’t deprived. The takeaway? You’re better off indulging in your cravings to begin with – but it’s worth keeping an eye on the quantity. 

3. It could actually help you reach your body goals

Intriguingly, studies have shown that frequent chocolate consumption might actually be associated with preventing obesity through lowering one’s body mass index and boosting glucose tolerance, which assists in preventing type-2 diabetes. This is unexpected news, but we’ll take it.

Dolce 88 is changing it up with chocolate mousse bunnies

4. It boosts your happiness

Chocolate induces positive effects on mood, by stimulating the release of chemicals including endorphins, dopamine and serotonin – all which help boost our happiness levels, motivate us to reach rewards and even combat depression.

5. Feeling guilty might make you go back for seconds

If you’re going to indulge, you might as well enjoy it. Feeling guilty about eating treats after the fact has been proven to weaken willpower and make you more tempted to indulge again. Instead, if you view the sprinkle-covered bunny you just devoured as a celebration of Easter – rather than a sin – and you’ll find yourself more likely to leave it there.

Top Image: Handmade chocolate truffles from Commissary