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While preparing a tried and tested traditional Christmas feast of turkey and all the trimmings doesn’t often allow one much room to flex their creative muscles, table setting can offer a great excuse – and it’ll impress your guests. Here, The Style Sheet shows you how to create an applause-worthy festive tablescape in three manageable steps.

Tableware by Astier de Villatte, L’Objet and Mepra forms a base table setting

Step 1: Start with a base setting

First, think about your colour scheme of your base setting pieces – tablecloth, dinnerware, cutlery and napkins. While red is always a Christmas classic, unexpected hues like deep blues and greys with gilded touches can make for a dramatic and moody starting point. When it comes to cutlery, only set what you need for the meal ahead – if you’re not serving soup, don’t put out soup spoons. Finally, accent your napkins with fresh flourishes that match with your table’s focal points.

Candles and flowers are the focal points of the tablescape

Step 2: Layer in your focal points

Create a fresh table runner by mixing small and large bunches of blooms in different vases, layered with greenery such as loose sprigs and leaves. For an extra festive centrepiece, opt for a wreath, while a splash of autumnal fruits such as passionfruit or figs makes for an interesting (and thrifty) addition. Just make sure to consider the height of your focal arrangements to avoid obstructing the eye view – and conversation – of guests across the table.

Step 3: Add an unexpected final touch

Go above and beyond with a finishing touch that brings a shared experience to your guests. Why not swap out the tradition of popping bonbons with popping mini champagne bottles together at the start of your feast? And a final peppering of almost-too-pretty-to-eat truffles and sweet treats never goes amiss.