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Creative Spaces: The Good Studio’s Kaye Dong

Kaye Dong at The Good Studio

Kaye Dong is a force to be reckoned with. Along with founding the Hong Kong-based non-profit K for Kids Foundation and design-led online wellness concept The New Moon, the creative entrepreneur is also the founder and managing director of architectural and interior design firm The Good Studio. Here, Kaye welcomes The Style Sheet into The Good Studio for the latest instalment of our Creative Spaces series.

Left: Kaye taking a quick moment to recharge on the studio deck. Right: Glass vase by LSA from Lane Crawford Home

Along with Sheung Wan’s eateries, bustling streets and convenience, it was the studio’s outdoor area — a rarity in the city — that drew Kaye to the space when she was looking for a new office last year. ‘We’re so lucky we came across this gem,’ Kaye says. ‘The outdoor deck was a very important element for me. Who wants to be stuck indoors all day?’ Working with a team of creatives, Kaye understands the importance of having ‘breathing space and space to have quick moments of disconnection in order to reconnect.'

‘We also love using the deck for team lunches and happy hour,’ she says — the perfect balance to all the hard work that goes on inside.

A studio nook filled with books and objets, including a selection available at Lane Crawford Home

While the studio’s interiors are suitably beautiful, it’s the energy and the people within the space that are most important to Kaye. ‘My vision was to create an environment that fosters togetherness, collaboration, creativity, freedom and joy. No matter how beautiful your workplace is, without a positive, collaborative and passionate team, you have nothing,’ she says. ‘Just like a house, you may have a multimillion-dollar mansion, but if the family unit isn’t strong, you have no home.’

‘I love sitting by the bench and looking down on the busy streets, soaking in all the craziness and beauty of Hong Kong,’ says Kaye

A big believer in the power of crystals, Kaye has pretty rocks scattered around the office, including on her desk. ‘I have citrine for manifestation, clear quartz for clarity and pyrite for abundance,’ she says. ‘Another energy source Kaye is passionate about? Coffee. ‘I have on average four coffees a day — it’s my fuel!’

The pantry resembles an open kitchen. ‘It’s the heart of the studio, where we come to share stories, make our coffees and enjoy an endless supply of pastries and cake,’ says Kaye