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When Santa Claus heard that Christmas travel plans were up in the air, he called an emergency meeting with his most trusted Elves. Working through the night (with some help from Rudolph and his nose), they came up with a plan: they packed their favourite parts of Christmas on their icebreaker, the Steamship Santa, and came all the way from the North Pole to bring a magical escape to Pacific Place.

Meet the Crew

In charge of the operation are the elites of the Christmas Elves. Keep your eyes open and you might see them lending a hand at Pacific Place!

Captain Christmas

Captain Christmas is not his real name (after all, it’s a bit too close to Father Christmas), but it’s a nickname he's had for so long that nobody can remember his real one! Normally in charge of sailing the Steamship Santa around the Arctic regions, he has come further south than ever to bring us Christmas. The responsibility of steering the festive season in the right direction makes him act like a Christmas Grinch sometimes, but he secretly loves the holiday time. In fact, he loves it so much we bet he’ll spend the whole of January sulking that the season is over!

Height: 95 cm

Age: 387 (Elves live to be very old)

Where you can find him: At the Steamship Santa, of course! He’ll be making sure the ship is in tip-top condition for the trip back, and doing his best to stay cool.


Plink is in charge of lighting up the holiday season — from trimming the Christmas tree with fairy lights to collecting wood to light the flames of the fireplaces. He loves nothing more than lighting up the season and watching everything sparkle and shine. Some of the crew call him ‘bossy boots’ because he tries to make everyone follow his lead, but Plink isn’t really bossy — he’s just so excited about celebrating Christmas! Of course, he was also a big help lighting the way on the long voyage from the North Pole!

Height: 88 cm

Age: 241

Where you can find him: He’s based at the Elves’ Lighthouse, but you might also see him walking around the mall tinkering with the lights to make sure they’re perfectly lit!


When it comes to planning Christmas creations, nobody is as diligent as Plink’s little brother Plonk. A born inventor, he carries around with him books filled with plans for all kinds of craft projects, workshops, toys, games and more. He’s responsible for planning all the Christmas workshops at Pacific Place, and he thinks it’s the most fun job ever invented! It’s no wonder that his favourite thing in the world is sneaking into the workshops and making sure everyone is having fun.

Height: 79 cm

Age: 216

Where you can find him: He might pop in on your workshop — keep an eye out!


Pip’s role is to be the life of the Christmas party — and it’s one he takes very seriously! He loves nothing more than munching on mince pies, sipping on punch and dancing the night away to Christmas tunes. If he’s not tinkering with the holiday season’s playlist, he’s getting out his own trumpet and cheering everyone up. Playing music all night makes Captain Christmas even more grumpy, but that doesn’t bother Pip — he’s having too much fun!

Height: 86 cm

Age: 288

Where you can find him: Leading the Elf Marching Band (or in his room writing more music and eating mince pies…)

Little Nick

Still a Christmas Crew trainee (he’s very young for a Christmas Elf), Little Nick is learning the ropes! He helps the other Elves out with their jobs, whether that’s stuffing stockings or icing the buttons on little gingerbread men (he also likes following his best friend Pip around). While Little Nick belongs on the nice list most of the time, every once in a while he gets up to mischief — like the time he snuck off with some of Santa’s cookies and ate them all himself. His biggest fear is being on the naughty list, but luckily Santa’s list maker hasn’t discovered his mischievous side just yet! 

Height: 74 cm

Age: 186

Where you can find him: We heard Captain Christmas has ordered him to keep the Cabin spotless!

For more information about what Santa and the Christmas Crew are up to, please visit our Christmas website.