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If you’re not yet following Hong Kong style influencer and content creator Carmina Lo on Instagram, we’d suggest hitting the button. You’ll find plenty of edgy style inspiration that plays with colour and texture, and one-off crochet creations she hand stitches herself. The result is a perfectly apt ode to spring with a twist.

That’s why, for this edition of Guest Editor’s Picks, The Style Sheet looked to Carmina for fresh spring style cues — we asked her to pick out her favourite fashion pieces from Pacific Place that work perfectly for the breezy Easter weekend and the warmer weather that lies beyond.

How would you describe your personal style?

‘In general, I’d describe my style as grunge or edgy street style, dressing up or down depending on the occasion. My MBTI is INFP, and maybe that comes into play when I shop — I usually get somewhat ‘quirky’ pieces, or whatever that speaks to me, and then I style it to whatever mood I feel like that day. I enjoy wearing unique pieces that people usually wouldn’t go for, or wear clothes in a way they’re not meant to be worn. It makes the whole getting ready process much more fun!’

When you think of ‘spring style’ what comes to mind, and how do you put your own twist on it?

I think of a lot of pastels, flowy pieces, woven bags and crochet — a lot of crochet. To put my own twist on it, I might style something feminine with a contrasting edgy piece. For example, I’d wear a leather corset (something like the LOEWE Obi belt) over the Erdem floral-print chiffon gown, then match it with some chunky boots and accessorise it with different chokers and chain necklaces. It puts a bit of edge back into the floral season.

Which Pacific Place ‘pick’ is your favourite, and how would you style it for Spring?

‘I like the Hotel Lamy floral-print linen mini dress from Alemais — it’s quite versatile and  can be worn as the dress as it is, matched with a pair of sandals from Ancient Greek Sandals. But you can also unbutton the dress and wear it as an outer shirt, wearing a simple top inside and pairing it with denim Bermuda shorts from Prada and raffia espadrille wedge sandals from Jimmy Choo. Throw a headscarf and some sunnies on, and you’re good to go for brunch with the girls!’

1 Erdem Floral-Print Chiffon Gown available at Harvey Nichols

2 LOEWE Obi Belt

3 JW Anderson Long Sleeve Mesh Shirt available at JOYCE

4 Bottega Veneta Small Drop Bag in Fennel

5 Tiffany & Co. HardWear Large Link Bracelet in Rose Gold

6 Louis Vuitton Damier Denim Skirt

7 Alemais Hotel Lamy Floral-Print Linen Mini Dress available at Harvey Nichols

8 Ancient Greek Sandals Thais Raffia Sandals available at Harvey Nichols

9 Gucci Floral Print Silk Carré

10 Prada Denim Bermuda Shorts

11 Chloé Milane Sunglasses in Gold with Gradient Red/Orange Lenses

12 Jimmy Choo Dellena 100 Raffia Wedge Sandals