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Super Duper Booster is here!

Our fun (and very Instagrammable) Super Duper Booster kiosk has arrived, and it’s just what the doctor ordered. The colourful space is full of our selection of special emotional wellness vials, like Positivity Boost, Social Enhancers, Emotional Solutions and more — you can even create your own special formula. We’ve also put together an interactive room where you can get quality of life tips, and of course you can leave with a special wellness goodie-bag!

Near Shop 122, Level L1, Pacific Place; until 8 November

Matcha Moments

Hong Kong’s first homegrown matcha brand, Matchali, has landed at Pacific Place! And added to their regular favourites are some tasty exclusive drinks inspired by the coming of autumn. Choose from the crisp Apple Hojicha Cold Brew topped with fresh mint, the Pink Latte combining organic beetroot, milk and agave, and the Matcha Chai Latte and Hojicha Chai Latte, both seasonally spiced with cinnamon. Or if you’re after a classic, try the Traditional Hand Whisked Matcha, complete with antique chawan bowl. Matchali also customises drinks with everything from mil alternatives to collagen to CBD tincture – and their pastel-hued space is the perfect little island of Zen to enjoy your drink.

Shop 200D, Level L2

Saint Laurent opening

Modern icon Saint Laurent is reopening at Pacific Place in a chic, newly designed space that reinterprets the French Modernist Movement of the early 20th century. Featuring displays with glossy mirrored stainless steel and polished brass as well as custom chairs, the new store presents a full selection of ready-to-wear and leather goods for men and women. The range itself should need no introduction: the first couture house to introduce the concept of luxury prêt-à-porter, Saint Laurent has created a litany of groundbreaking styles over the past six decades, many of which have become cultural and artistic references. Current creative director Anthony Vaccarello continues to propel the grand house forward, producing sophisticated collections that pay tribute to the city of Paris and the spirit of the luxury atelier.

Shop 228, Level L2

Save The Duck — and the Planet

One of the world’s foremost eco-fashion labels, Save The Duck has become known for its ‘down’ jackets that replace traditional goose down with an innovative fibre called Plumtech that’s made of recycled plastic. The jackets are breathable, waterproof, warm and — most importantly — 100 per cent animal-free and cruelty-free. As the brand describes it, the jackets are ‘wearable respect for nature’. Check out the pop-up from 19 September.

Shop 100A, Level L1