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‘To me, an “investment bag” is a durable, high-quality handbag in a classic shape that’s true to the wearer’s style, personality, and overall lifestyle,’ Hong Kong personal shopper and stylist Carla Snajder tells The Style Sheet. And crucially, she adds, ‘The right investment pieces will get a lot of wear.’

Investment bags feel daunting to decide on, which is why we asked Carla for her expert help in breaking down timeless investment pieces by every style personality. Which one speaks to you?

Style Personality: Classic

‘Invest in the croc-finish handbag trend. It’ll be forever classic and timeless but also keep your look current,’ says Carla.

Style Personality: Romantic

‘Ooze femininity by investing in a small or medium baby-pink handbag with delicate, luxurious textures and patterns.’

Style Personality: Dramatic

‘Invest in an eye-catching conversation piece to ensure you forever make a bold fashion statement.’

Style Personality: Natural

‘Invest in a comfortable, practical yet chic soft tote in a neutral colour to elevate your style a few notches.’