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Co-founded by Emily Ho and Wilson Lee, STUDIO ADJECTIVE is a creative and award-winning multidisciplinary design agency.

Their cosy, light-filled studio just off Sheung Wan’s Gough Street is an interior decoration haven filled with a bounty of books and plants — the latter of which are beautifully lush thanks to the 30 minutes of TLC the two spend tending to them daily. There’s also an Instagram-worthy shelf display of pieces from their latest project  OBJECTIVE, a curation of beautiful homeware, furniture, skincare and prints, each with a unique story and an aesthetic that feels very on-brand.

How does one describe that unique design point of view exactly? ‘I’d say it’s a mix of Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics mixed in with the casual, relaxed essence of modern Australian culture. But it’s also very compact, which is of course very Hong Kong! We really like to utilise every square inch of space,’ laughs Lee.

It’s a skill that they’ve mastered with finesse in their own studio. ‘We’re constantly managing our storage to ensure we just keep it down to just the essentials. We want to keep clutter to a minimum. If it’s messy, it’s not going to be a comfortable space for the team to work in.’

In the back corner of Studio Adjective’s bijou design atelier sits a painting by co-founder Emily Ho of ‘five little men representing our team and the sense of community’. The custom-made stained oak meeting table on the right is perfect for a casual meeting atmosphere, complete with Chris Earl mugs
Dark Shang Xia containers complement the office greenery. ‘We usually spend 30 minutes a day moving the plants around and watering them,’ says Ho
A shelf display of pieces from the studio’s latest project OBJECTIVE mixes with an Artemide lamp and Zuny’s playful Gino the Mouse Bookend
A shelf displays books and knick-knacks, including Tom Dixon’s Swirl Stepped Candle Holder and Swirl Bookend
The small studio utilises every square inch of space