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To coincide with Pacific Place’s latest brand refresh, the beloved destination has fused art, fashion and technology together to create an immersive AI-powered experience. Between now and 26 May, you’ll discover a kaleidoscopic installation adorned with multi-dimensional screens, where you can strike a pose and showcase your best looks.

Plus, you can play an AI interactive game that asks simple questions about your preferred dress code, palette and feelings and uses it to unlock unique AI-generated patterns inspired by the hottest Spring Summer collections, alongside some curated style advice. It’s perfect for playfully getting some inspiration before you hit the shops.

To whet your appetite for trying out the game in person, The Style Sheet is serving up some example AI-generated patterns, alongside some insight on the style personalities they speak to and some fresh fashion picks for each mood. We’ve chosen four, but you’ll find the style options in the game are truly limitless.

Personality 1: Classic Cool

Shades of cobalt and true blue speak to classic style sensibilities, and the monochromatic spirit of keeping everything tonal calls to a cool, calm and collected persona. If this pattern speaks to you, lean into that polished, timeless spirit with blue-hued striped button-down shirting, easy sundresses that will see you through the seasons, and touches of playful prints for a dash of well-measured fun.

Personality 2: Bold Beauty

A kaleidoscope of vibrant hues dances across this eclectic pattern, creating a visual symphony of clashing colour. If this pattern speaks to you, celebrate your adventurous and eclectic style sensibility by embracing unconventional palettes, and mixing and matching statement pieces that turn heads with their quirky individuality.

Personality 3: Bright Flourish

In this verdant print, lush shades of green unfurl like the leaves and blooms of a flourishing garden, evoking a deep connection to nature's abundant beauty. If this pattern speaks to you, it's an invitation to immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature's embrace through fashion choices that favour fresh green shades, botanical-inspired motifs and effortless silhouettes.

Personality 4: Soft Serenity

Harmoniously fusing a tranquil palette of muted grey, blue and mint with gentle brush strokes, this print takes a decidedly softer approach. If the dreamy aura of this pattern speaks to you, it's an invitation to embrace the subtle beauty of muted tones and barely-there accents. Opt for washed-out prints, petite silhouettes and delicate details that enhance your ethereal and understated sophistication.

To mark the occasion, Pacific Place is also offering exclusive rewards to shoppers. Check out the details here or head to the Gift Redemption Counter on Level L2 (near JOYCE) to learn more or redeem your Shopping e-Vouchers.