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☕️ Borrow a Cup ☕️

L1, 128-129

Using reusable cup is a little choice you can make to help the planet! Have you tried it?

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To encourage customers to shift away from single-use cups, we are delighted to introduce Starbucks Borrow A Cup program that now offers reusable cup rental services in Pacific Place store (L1, 128-129) for both hot and cold beverages, reinforcing our commitment to building a more sustainable future for communities and the planet.


Simply complete the borrowing process by scanning the QR code on the cup with the Muuse WebApp/Mobile App to complete the process and you will also receive a $2 discount for your purchase*. You can return the reusable cup to the return kiosk at any of the selected stores.


For more details on the Borrow A Cup program, please visit our page at

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