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Time to Get Entrepreneurial This November with Monocle

1-4 St Francis Yard, Starstreet Precinct

Ever dreamed of finding a vocation that helps you live well? Discover plenty of food for thought in The Monocle Book of Entrepreneurs & The Entrepreneurs Issue 5.

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A job for life is hard to come by but what about a vocation that helps you live well? This is the upbeat starting point of The Monocle Book of Entrepreneurs, a handbook that’s designed to encourage, inspire and perhaps even gently prod readers into taking the plunge and starting something for themselves.


Inside you’ll find canny case studies of 100 businesses that succeeded, ideas on where to base your business and advice from more than 50 industry experts on everything from finding funding to scaling up. There are ideas and opportunities for everyone from a first-timer with a dream to seasoned entrepreneurs mulling over their next venture. This isn’t about getting rich quickly but rather a handbook for those interested in building something with integrity.
Could your next venture help revive a high street along the way? What about making something that lasts and treads a little lighter, or creating something you’d be proud to pass on to the next generation? Isn’t it time you turned the page? Let’s get started then.


The Monocle Book of EntrepreneursThe Entrepreneurs: Issue 5 - out now at The Monocle Shop, St Francis Yard and other great newsagents near you. 


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