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SHOUT is Open

15 St. Francis Street, Starstreet Precinct

1 December 2020

A unique art hub and gallery

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When trying to create a noise, we SHOUT.

When we want to be heard, we SHOUT.

When we try to express our ideas, we SHOUT.


SHOUT is not just an art gallery, but an attitude and lifestyle. Locating in the Starstreet Precinct of Wan Chai, Hong Kong, SHOUT is an art gallery that embrace street and pop art from around the world. SHOUT gathers creativity, authenticity, and uniqueness. In almost every country there are many street artists, each street artist is inspired by a plenitude of cultures and styles. This results in a wide range of urban art that can be found all around the world.  SHOUT is here to connect like-minded friends, inspire people around us, discover the depths of art, and establish an eccentric lifestyle that is one of a kind.


There is a story behind each art piece. Explore the beauty of street and pop art in SHOUT!


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