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Recycle Your Bottles

Give your PET plastic bottles a new purpose!

Starstreet Precinct is running the “Recycle Your Bottles” programme to collect recyclable PET plastic bottles. The bottle you recycled will be upcycled for this year’s Christmas decorations!


Simply drop your bottles at our collection points throughout the neighbourhood. As a token of our appreciation, a tree* will be planted especially for you through EcoMatcher’s Global Forest Programme.

Friendly reminder


Please make sure all bottles are emptied, cleaned and dried before recycling.


Locations for “Recycle Your Bottles”


There are 16 designated spots where you can send your plastics on their way. Happy recycling!



Pacific Place mall

One, Two and Three Pacific Place office building

Starstreet Precinct

  • L1 Queensway entrance
  • L1 near PURE Yoga
  • L2 Linksbridge
  • L3 near HK Park escalator
  • Office lift lobby, One Pacific Place
  • Office lift lobby, Two Pacific Place
  • LG entrance, Three Pacific Place
  • Office lift lobby, Three Pacific Place
  • Outdoor area at Level UG, Three Pacific Place
  • Star Studios, Wing Fung Street
  • PURE Yoga, Wing Fung Street
  • Star Crest, Star Street
  • White Do, Sun Street
  • Blue Bottle Coffee, St. Francis Yard
  • TMK Rap & Rolls, Moon Street


*Each person can recycle more than one plastic bottle but can only redeem reward ONCE throughout the promotion. Daily quota applies to reward. Reward is available on a first-come-first-served basis and while stocks last. Eligible plastic bottle must be recyclable Type 1 PET plastic. The plastic bottle should be emptied, cleaned and dried thoroughly before recycling at “Recycle Your Bottles” recycling bin. During the promotion, the first 1,000 participants whose uploaded photo qualify as eligible plastic bottle are entitled to receive a reward of ONE tree planted on their behalf on EcoMatcher’s platform.


Other Terms and Conditions apply. 

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