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Matchali Lands on Moon Street!

G/F, 5 Moon Street, Starstreet Precinct

The homegrown matcha brand’s first flagship store has arrived, serving all things matcha, coffee, soft serve, an all-day healthy food menu and a selection of rare teas.

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Over the last two years, homegrown Hong Kong brand, Matchali, has shown just how wholesome and health-boosting their super-powered matcha drinks are! After pop-ups across some of Hong Kong's most iconic locations including Pacific Place, Matchali is opening its first flagship store this summer on Moon Street, Wan Chai, in the vibrant Starstreet Precinct, a neighbourhood known for its charm and sense of community.


The store will embody all aspects of the Matchali experience, particularly the laid-back energy of matcha. Expect its classic, signature, and seasonal hand whisked matcha drinks, newly launched coffee program and for the first time, an all-day food menu and vegan, refined sugar free matcha and hojicha soft serve. Matchali will be partnering with Hong Kong based Plantation by teakha, offering rare and teas from around the world.


Matchali founders, Cara Li and Laura Li, travelled to Uji, Kyoto, to source high-quality matcha to bring to Hong Kong. They work directly with a fifth-generation tea farm. The quality of their hand-picked ceremonial grade matcha can be appreciated in every drink.



  • Vegan Matcha and Hojicha Soft Serve and Sundaes
  • Hojicha Strawberry Latte
  • A Selection of Classic and Rare Tea from Plantation by Teakha
  • All Day Food Menu


5 Moon Street is a historical building built in 1949 with strong art deco architecture. The vision was to reconnect the building back together as one cohesive element. The façade draws from the existing language by introducing a classic solid wood frame inspired by café culture and welcoming via an indoor-outdoor seating arrangement. The Matcha Bar is the main feature, showcasing the theatre of handcrafted matcha whisking. It sits elevated atop volcanic ash glazed tiles by Dzek, London, bringing a dynamic green landscape to the bar. It brings a laid-back energy to the overall interior. Pass by or come hang in the sun drenched backyard. Open for breakfast, lunch and all afternoon.


Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri 8:00 am - 7:00 pm

Sat – Sun 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

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