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hana-musubi Officially Opens in Three Pacific Place

Shop 4, Level B3 Three Pacific Place

The Specialty Store for 100% Japanese Rice Omusubi.

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Established in 2011, hana-musubi is the specialty store for omusubi made with 100% Japanese rice from Hyakunousha International Limited. The omusubi expresses motherly love and the warmth of family: with our hearts and our hands, we carefully wrap our favourite fillings in delicious Japanese rice for those dearest to us. Just as how our hands work together, so does the heart that connects people to one another — this is the true meaning of “omusubi”. 


hana-musubi selects premium Japanese rice to make fresh and delicious omusubi every day with seasonal ingredients. The entire process - selecting raw ingredients, manufacturing omusubi and managing logistics, is strictly monitored to fulfil our food safety and quality promises. This allows you to enjoy our top quality omusubi made with 100% Japanese rice conveniently. 


Opened a decade ago, the company has launched products featuring over 300 different flavours. Of all the flavours, Authentic Grilled Beef, Cod Fish Roe Salad and Hokkaido Salmon Flakes remain the all-time top 3 customer favourites. To cater to different customers, hana-musubi also launched “mixed rice omusubi” which has a delicious mouthfeel, and “jumbo omusubi”, for those who look for an even larger portion and bursting fillings. Moreover, menu items like homemade soups, authentic Japanese side dishes, refreshing salads and appetizing fruit cups, together with Japanese import desserts, add choices and combinations to meals which are essential to our customers’ daily healthy lifestyle. 


Apart from providing delicious and superb omusubi, hana-musubi demonstrates “omotenashi”, the traditional Japanese attitude of indulging customers and guests. It’s through our warm and sincere service that we hope to foster connections with customers who enjoy the finest Japanese cuisine (washoku) from us.


Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri 7:30 am - 6:30 pm

Sat 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sun & Public Holiday Closed

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