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The Newly Renovated 45R Star Street Flagship Store

G/F, 9 and 11 Moon Street

Bringing An Artistic And Cozy Shopping Experience

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Japanese architectural firm New Material Research Laboratory (NMRL) co-founded by renowned photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto and architect Tomoyuki Sakakida and 45R have worked together since 2017 on their store design to bring out its brand value and perseverance in producing refined garments. The newly opened 45R Hong Kong Star Street Flagship Store is the second overseas project by NMRL following London Store. Engaged in re-editing traditional Japanese materials and production methods through contemporary spatial compositions and contexts, NMRL combines utilitarianism with minimalism in Star Street shop design to create a unique outlook and to give the bright, airy retail space a touch of contemporary luxury.

A fascinating array of materials is carefully sourced and curated to create a meaningful dialogue between Chinese and Japanese cultures: the interior floor is paved with antique paving stones from Qingdao in China, while the wall is diagonally clad with patinated copper shingles – traditional building plaster design that was commonly used for fire resistance in Japan during 1900s. These copper shingles will age and develop unique hues over time to add to the subtlety of the wall texture. These two outdoor elements, used in an unusual interior context, enter into a dialogue with outdoor, creating a captivating mise-en-scène that draws in customers. Display tables are crafted with different types of wood and copper-plated surfaces to convey uniqueness. Each table has unique hue and pattern deprived from the wood surface that complements 45R’s offerings beautifully.

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